google buzz

  • TweetDeck Removes Update Annoyances With Global Filters

    Windows/Mac/Linux (Adobe AIR): The marquee features added to social network aggregator TweetDeck are Google Buzz and Foursquare support, plus scheduled updates. What’s actually useful, though, are the global filters that weed out oversharing, spam and other annoyances.

  • Google Buzz Hit With Class Action Complaint

    A lot of people were upset over how Google handled their privacy when they launched Buzz, and it looks like Google may pay the price in legal fees. According to SFGate, a class action complaint has been filed against Google alleging that it “broke the law when its controversial Google Buzz service shared personal data…

  • Google Says Buzz Needed Wider Testing

    In one week, Google’s Buzz social network has moved through a splashy launch, a quick fix, a major clean-up, and now, an apology. Buzz’s product manager says his team is “very, very sorry” and that (more) fixes are coming this week.

  • Google Updates, Explains Buzz Privacy Setup

    Google claims the option to prevent public contact exposure through Buzz was always there, just not obvious enough. So they’ve clarified the Buzz setup process, made blocking followers easier and explaining how followers without Buzz/Google profiles are publicly displayed.