Why You Need A PVR Right Now

Why You Need A PVR Right Now

TV Tonight sums up the current state of TV right now more neatly than we probably could: with all three commercial channels planning to hold their relative handful of decent shows until after Easter and then screening them against each other, you need either a decent PVR filled with content or Channel BT right now. The network care factor has officially reached zero. [TV Tonight]


  • I’ve already got a DVR but I’m afraid that TV Tonight story does not make the case that one is required. The only show mentioned in that story that is even remotely interesting is “The Pacific”.

    I still recommend a DVR though.

  • Split opinions in this househord.
    Where I think there is nothing on the missus is loving tv with My Kitchen Rules, So You Think You Can Dance, Brother and Sisters. . . maybe commercial tv is only catering for females?

    • That sounds about right, perhaps it’s because females don’t know how to use BT?
      Most of the guys I know are so feed up with the regurgitated trash on TV they’ve resorted to “other means” to get what they want to watch anyhow.

  • PVR’s are almost useless with the current state of EPG anyway… TV stations don’t stick to the timetable and the EPG doesn’t adjust to the actual Start/Stop times of the show…

    Sure, I can do padding, but I shoudn’t have to with an in-stream EPG. The accceptance of mediocrity in these is a form of approving their medicroty.

    I’m glad there is an online complaints method now…

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