What Aussies Are Cramming Onto Their PVRs

dexterPersonal video recorders (PVRs) are a pretty commonplace sight these days, but are they influencing our viewing habits? A new Australian study offers a couple of hints. PVR data isn't routinely incorporated into TV ratings in Australia, but a recent study by Audience Development Australia reported in the Australian's Media Diary gossip column offers some insights. It's no big shock that drama and documentaries are much more popular recording fodder, than news-oriented fare, but there's an interesting insight into media consumption habits of people who own Foxtel's IQ box:

The pilot study showed that series three of the drama Dexter on Foxtel’s Showcase channel was watched by 58 per cent of surveyed viewers live, 37 per cent watched it after recording it on their IQ, 2 per cent downloaded it or watched online and 3 per cent recorded it to a hard disc drive.

I'd suspect those numbers under-report the number of people using Chanel BT, if only because iQ owners are probably less likely to want to grapple with the intricacies of BitTorrent. Also, Dexter might not be the most representative series, since we can all safely assume that it'll be available on DVD soon enough. But despite those caveats, the number of people watching the show as it goes out is still remarkably high. What genres get your PVR going, and what programs do you feel you have to watch live? Share your habits in the comments.

Worth recording [The Australian]


    I understand that there is no way of measuring what people are recording on their PVRs, however a "study" of people who own a IQ is nearly worthless in my opinion.

    There are much more people with a non-IQ PVR than people that own one. I don't know the figures but what good does it have when a "study" shows 10% of the PVR users record Dexter 37% of the time.

    They will be better off just do it the old fashion way, to call and ask all PVR owners and ask what they recorded in the last 7 days.

    I record nearly everything with my IQ2. I rarely watch anything live, unless it's news or live sport (I only watch motorcycle racing). Even then, I'm essentially recording it, cos I pause, rewind and fast forward again a lot.
    My IQ2 is almost always full, I set things to record if they sound even remotely interesting and sometimes don't get to watch for months after the air date- I couldn't give a toss about not being part of the water-cooler conversation.
    If I could purchase content legitimately (MS where is the XBOX 360 video marketplace already???) I would, and I'd ditch Foxtel in a heartbeat. That said, if Foxtel did not have the IQ it would be gone already.

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