Whirlpool 2009 Broadband Survey Now Running

Whirlpool 2009 Broadband Survey Now Running

Whirlpool 2009 Broadband Survey Now RunningThe dominant concern in the Australian Internet world right now is proposed censorship laws, but between download caps, service issues and unmetered content, there’s plenty of other ISP issues to earn praise or blame. Whirlpool’s annual Broadband Survey remains the most comprehensive overview of power Internet user trends, and the 2009 survey has just started.

Last year more than 20,000 people filled out the survey. This year’s runs until the end of January, so take 10 minutes to fill it out. The results will be published in February (and Lifehacker will inevitably report on the interesting bits.

Whirlpool Australian Broadband Survey 2009


  • I felt this was rather a poorly written survey regarding questions asked, options available & no free-form response. (OK they’d be hard to tabulate electronically). After checking the comments at http://whirlpool.net.au/news/?id=1853&show=replies it seems to be a common view.
    One area that peeved me – they asked what you liked about your current ISP & gave certain options, then what you didn’t like – but with different options! My main gripe with Telstra is no unmetered access to ABC iView (but I’m locked in for next 18 mths) – this was a “like” option but not a “dislike”. Also the modem Telstra are currently supplying (Thomson gateway TG782T) wasn’t even listed in their l-o-n-g list of models. Go figure.

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