Whirlpool Broadband Survey Now Running

Whirlpool Broadband Survey Now Running

ABS2008.gifBroadband discussion and news site Whirlpool has just commenced its annual Australian Broadband Survey, looking at the performance of Australian Internet providers and the issues that concern net users. With Internet filtering proposals still pushing ahead, the survey’s more important than ever this year as a wide-scale measure of the thoughts of the Aussie Internet community, so take 10 minutes to fill it out between now and the end of January.


  • i,m on satalite.cant get adsl or dialup 56kps a second if lucky filtering will make it imposible for me to use computer will conroy pay compo?

  • I recently went over to wireless 3g mobile broadband. I also have my telephone on the same network via a VoIP connection and my mobile is also with same company. So …. whenever my internet connection was not performing, I only had to check the delivery speed and data reception rate on my mobile phone or use the VoIP phone to know what the REAL state of the wireless connection was. Always the phones were having no problems, yet my internet was, as follows …

    I found that on the dot, dead on the knocker of 5.oo p.m. every day I had intermittent internet connection. It would drop out constantly or could not always connect at all, yet had no similar problems with either my mobile phone or VoIP phone. At 12 midnight, it would suddenly come good and be consistently good until 5.00 p.m. the next day again. The fact that it was so exactly timed to that time span made me suspicious. I complained and informed the company of how I used my phones to check receiption levels and suddenly the problem disappeared. Second issue I had with the same company was that my mb speed was showing 7.5 per sec, which I believe is the max you can get with a 3G wireless connection, yet friends said it seemed slower. I did nothing about this and recently found my friends were right because I increased my usage and so upped my plan to double what I was paying before, which allowed me to trebble my mb usage per month. My internet browsing and connection was immediately significantly faster.

    I had previously believed that no shaping, blocking, or rate control of data speed could be done with wireless 3G connections? I would be grateful for any comments on that aspect and my above experience.

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