How Many Music Tracks Would You Download?

How Many Music Tracks Would You Download?
ComesWithMusicScreenSince Nokia rolled out its all-you-can-download Comes With Music service back in March, the number of tracks that are available from the service has risen to above 9 million. But just how many has the average punter downloaded? The answer turns out to be 300, which is rather lower than I would have expected.

Nokia announced the figure at its end-of-year media Christmas do this week (though an actual number of Australian users wasn’t revealed). 300 tracks equates to around 25 albums, which for someone who signed up when the service first launched equates to the equivalent of just a couple of CDs a month. While download limits from ISPs might play a role, it still strikes me as a bit odd that someone would specifically sign up for a phone designed to offer a wide range of music, and then only grab 300 tracks.

So I’m wondering: where do Lifehacker readers sit on that scale? Does 300 or so tracks of new music for the year sound like more than enough, or would you be bingeing on new options? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I got my fiance the 5800 when it came out and have downloaded around 7000 songs since then. I set up a scheduled task to start Ovi Music at the start of our off peak period each day and queue a bunch of albums i want.
    I’ve discovered some great music on there that I would have otherwise never discovered… I really don’t see why anyone would only grab 25 albums.

  • Yea, I’m planning on getting a 5800 soon. I can get it without CWM or pay 20 more and get CWM. So really I only need to download 20 songs and I’ve got my money back.

    But if 300 songs is the average then maybe it is because of the people who bought the phone to use it as a phone but didn’t use CWM which brings the average down.

  • Some people must be not using the service at all, since I’m somewhere near moggyx. It’s amazing for exploring new genres.

    Thanks to CWM, I have learned that my music snobbery was actually a product of limited funding. I don’t actually despise people who listen to Girls Aloud, just people who choose Girls Aloud over substantial music when they have a limited music budget. Kind of like someone only having a few dollars to feed the family and buying a bag of lollies instead of rice, chuck steak and tinned tomatoes.

    Having said that, Nokia’s Helpline is the single worst customer service initiative ever created – and I’ve dealt with Telstra, Dodo and the Russian Federation customs officials. If you get CWM, pray daily that nothing ever goes wrong.

  • I think 5 albums a year is about enough for me. I already have a fairly extensive collection and I like what I have, so I don’t need new music all the time. That’s why I haven’t signed up for one of those plans.

    • I also had an extensive collection I have built over the years… but just think about every CD you thought you “might” have liked to have bought but for some strange reason, you never got around to it.
      Just search and download… it’s like bit-torrent, just without the doing something illegal bit

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