Sanity launches music subscription service

Sanity launches music subscription service

Sanity.jpgSubscription services — where you pay a monthly fee in return for streaming and/or download access to a large music library — are common in the US, but Sanity’s new LOADIT service is the first such option we’ve encountered in Australia. For $29 a month, you can download up to 300 tracks each month. Tracks are encoded in Windows Media Audio format, which means you can only play them back in Windows Media Player 11 (which is where the service is accessed) or on WMA-compatible MP3 players. That means no joy for iPod fans. Does the notion of a download subscription service appeal to you, or would you rather purchase go-anywhere music? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Well I would be very interested in this kind of offer… were it not for the DRM and the state of broadband plans in Australia…

    Until we can get unlimited broadband (which will most likely never happen due to our geographical condition) I think that this is rather pointless.

  • I think this is a business model to watch. Especially when the subscription price sweet-spot is found, ie low enough where consumers see little or no incentive to pirate.

  • This is nonsense. I would never be comfortable with that. I want to own my content, and I want to be able to do whatever i want with it. DRM and restrictions only turn people to piracy. Non DRM music is convenient, you can take it and use it wherever you want, whenever you want, forever. Why pay $29 for subscription or $1.69 per track with rules and restrictions, when you can pay $0 and do what you want with it?

  • Like Matt, I find it annoying to have the Loadit button on WMP and not to be able to find any way to remove it. I don’t want this service and Sanity should have provided a quick and easy way of getting it off my PC. They have not.

  • This loadit rubbish is an outrage. I quite frankly don’t acre what it does.

    It’s not as though Windows is an open source OS that cold almost justify adding third party offers.

    If they must insist on adding MORE bloatware then there should be an easy option to remove it. end of story

  • I hacked the registry entries removing “loadit” from:

    Then added an outgoing block on the firewall stopping media player from downloading it at start up.
    Finally it died…

    Microsoft should be careful not to take Media PLayer down the RealPLayer path with all those unremovable advertisements.
    It is not a service to me, just an obtrusive nuisance.

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