TV Networks Taking Some Notice Of Bloggers

TV Networks Taking Some Notice Of Bloggers
TheOfficeUSLifehacker readers clearly think that TV networks aren’t very responsive to viewer needs, so it’s nice to encounter evidence that they occasionally — just occasionally, I admit — pay attention. Ten is crediting its decision to show the US version of The Office in an earlier timeslot to pressure from bloggers.

TV Tonight reports that on-air promos for The Office include the phrasing “You blogged. We listened.”, along with a series of comments from disgruntled viewers. While I’d find this more impressive if it was happening during the ratings season rather than at the dead end of the year, it’s still (along with the apparent role of Facebook in getting Hey Hey It’s Saturday! revived) evidence that networks might slowly be trying to be more responsive to what their declining number of viewers want. And until new models for Channel BT come into play, that’s likely to remain important.

“You Blogged. We Listened.” [TV Tonight]


  • Oh yeah that’s great, but they’re still playing silly games with the time schedule. I mean c’mon starting a show anywhere up to ten or more minutes late just to mess around us poor PVR users is just plain petty and childish!!

  • What the local stations also fail to realise is that the community of watchers around a hit series is global and immediate.

    For a series with a story arc, it’s no good getting (say) Battlestar Galactica the next year or a few months down the track when the blogosphere or even magazines are reporting spoilers way in advance.

    Every time the stations fiddle with the timetable or stop showing a series midway, it just sends another cohort of watchers to Channel BT.

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