Net Viewing For The Weekend

DoctorWhoWebPlanet Whether you want sport, sci-fi or general entertainment, there's a bunch of interesting online TV options worth considering for the weekend Lifehacker readers are doubtless familiar with existing options like the ABC's iView, but three recently announced options are also worth considering:

  • Telstra is transmitting the V8 Supercars from Philip Island on BigPondTV; it's free to view, and Telstra customers won't be charged for downloads.
  • TV Tonight points out that 7Two is offering online catchup viewing for Ugly Betty and Heroes on the Yahoo!7 site, which is especially useful for regional viewers who can't yet get the channel.
  • Finally, MSN UK is offering streams of vintage Doctor Who. The currently available episode is 1965's black and white 'The Web Planet', but to be honest, I'd be picking it over the Supercars. Thanks Aussie Tech Heads! (Update: Some users are reporting they can't access this in Australia, while others haven't had any trouble. Ah, the joys of DRM!)


    Vintage Dr Who "not available from your location" :( damn them.

    I get a "Sorry this video can not be viewed from your location" error on the Dr Who streaming. :(

    Works for me via Internode

    As a fan of Dr Who I went looking, its not available to our location sadly. If lifehacker had it working please tell us how :)


      Why not try FreeVPN mentioned on Lifehacker a little while ago I think. That should get you around any IP issues.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes are online - For the moment at least.

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