Criticker Recommends New Flicks Based On Your Favorites

Looking for some new movies to watch? Check out Criticker, a movie-suggestion engine that crunches the numbers on your personal movie rankings and matches them to the lists of others.

You start off by ranking ten movies on a 0-100 point scale. After you have at least ten movies ranked, Criticker generate a list of users who have similar taste in movies and see what movies they have liked that you may have overlooked.

Criticker has a social element with a messaging system and a forum for movie discussion. Criticker is a free service and requires no login to test the service out. A free account preserves your rankings between visits.

Criticker [via MakeUseOf]


    URL for Criticker broken, l on the end of url = bad! :D

      D'oh! Apologies, fixed now.

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