Nine's Digital Channel To Debut August 9

The commercial networks have been allowed to launch an extra digital TV channel since January, but they've been decidedly slack about it. Ten's sports-oriented ONE network didn't appear until March, and now Nine's Go! won't be live until August.

We've known for a while that Go! will have a youth/lifestyle bent, and that it wasn't due to appear until July. The announcement of an August 9 launch date thus means it's even later than expected. Media blog The Spy Report quotes a Nine press release as saying that the channel, which will be on digital channel 99, will be carried by its WIN affiliate, but it remains unclear if Nine's other major regional partner NBN will also offer it from launch.

Nine set to Go! on August 9 [The Spy Report]


    NBN is owned by PBL Media (the owners of Nine), so I assume it's a given!

      You know what they say about assumptions though. That's why I'll believe "Go! on WIN" when I see it (I'm a little bitter having only JUST received ONE HD thanks to Southern Cross).

    You should feel lucky you're not in Mildura. We are still yet to receive ONE HD because Ten is owned by the local WIN and Prime channels rather that Southern Cross.

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