TV Networks Still Stalling On Digital Channels

TV Networks Still Stalling On Digital Channels

TestPattern.jpg It’s January 2, 2009, which means that Australia’s three commercial TV networks are allowed to launch their own standard-definition digital TV channels to run alongside their existing main channels and HD offshoots. While this strategy has been very successful in driving uptake of digital TV in European markets, it seems our local networks can’t be bothered. As Nick Tabakoff reports at The Australian, the first such service (a sports channel from 10) won’t roll until April, even though the January 2009 start date has been known since late 2006. While TV networks legitimately complain about the effect piracy has on their business models, it’s hard to feel sympathetic when they deliberately ignore an opportunity to offer a better service, especially given how hard they fight against any attempts to let other people access TV spectrum.


  • > Last year Nine boss David Gyngell said the new channels were a “tax” on the networks.

    The networks seem to think that having more channels will make them lose money. Makes me wonder if they actually have any form of business model at all, or just started making profits by accident and are scared to change anything in case they break it.

    I’ve never been less inclined to repair my antenna.

  • how could you possibly feel sorry for the networks who seem so intent on self destruction.

    their programmang practices are so appalling they drive me nuts. i’d rather just wait for the dvd release or heaven forbid, download the torrent – at least these are reliable.

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