Commercial Digital Channel Plans Slowly Taking Shape

NineLogo.jpgCommercial channels haven't been falling over themselves to push out new digital channels, and the ones we do know about, like Ten's ONE sports channel, can seem a bit confusing, but we're slowly getting a clearer picture of what the big three will offer. Lara Sinclair at the Australian reports that Nine's much-delayed digital channel will feature a mixture of old TV repeats and some lifestyle programs — a bit like a hybrid between TV1 and the Lifestyle Channel, basically. There may also be some time-shifting (repeats of programs shown earlier on the main channel), but not to a great degree. The downside of that formula is the likelihood that there'll be little or no original programming on the channel.


    Australian television will hardly take shape until there is more variety available to consumers at more reasonable prices. Even though Freeview will be free (with the correct equipment), the range and quality of programming is poor compared with the model that it is based on. Three channels from each of the major channels each showing pretty much the same content as on their other channels. Australian television and internet irks me.

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