One Continues The Digital TV Rollout Confusion

One Continues The Digital TV Rollout Confusion

TenLogo.jpgNext week, Channel Ten will finally roll out its new digital channel, ONE, which will be exclusively devoted to sport. It’s good to see a commercial network finally making good on delivering digital TV, with all of them having delayed the whole process by several months and Nine still hanging back. But even then the story isn’t entirely straightforward. Within 30 minutes of launching on Thursday March 26, ONE (found in HD on dgital channel 1 and SD on digital channel 12) will be dividing its transmission, with AFL for Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide while Sydney and Brisbane get swimming championships. It’s this kind of refusal to broadcast live matches that gives pay TV such a strong argument against anti-siphoning laws. But the story gets more confusing, since, as TV Tonight reports, regional viewers won’t see the channel until at least the middle of the year. Between this and the still ridiculous EPG situation, it’s no wonder we can’t get excited about digital television.


  • Moving from Melbourne to the far north was not a good idea for an avid AFL fan as can be seen,but like all things we learn to live without. One thing I do know is that I won’t be watching Ten,or for that matter Seven or Nine, anything worthwhile they have to offer I have already seen on CBT.

  • Frankly I’m annoyed that 24/7 sport is shown on both their HD and SD channel, yet they’re no longer showing anything else in HD.

    At least one person I know stopped downloading a show and started watching it locally because it was on TenHD. They’re back to the downloads now, as the SD wasn’t worth the delay between US and AUS air dates.

  • It is absolute Crap .. WTF why do regional areas always have to miss out or we have to wait 6 or 12 months later for things .. This is Bull#*$%, Not only are free to air doing it so is Cable. I have Austar, yet even with Austar we have to wait for stuff .. Foxtel have HD and IQ on Demand and many more other things .. On Austar MYSTAR there apparent Version (beta they say) is full of bugs and failures. And austar offers Now where near the service of Foxtel .. Then there is Free to Air .. Channel Nine Offered Cricket and Many other Choices on HD .. WIN TV the regional version of the NINE Network doesn’t offer Crap all. This is pissing me off and very offencesive.

  • This is ridiculous! Why does regional Qld have to wait another 6 – 12 months ?

    Also, why split the transmissions? I thought the whole idea of digital TV was that there would be plenty of high quality tranmissions to give us live TV. I get sick of watching the AFL and ARU at 11.30pm start for their delayed telecasts.

  • Why does regional Autralia always get put at the back of the queue when it comes to these types of rollouts?
    Just wait until the rollout of the high speed broadband network K Rudd is promising. We’ll be at the end of the queue then too….and last time I looked we pay the same tax rates as our city cousins.

  • A quick look on the freeview website shows regional WA doesnt even exist. The power house of the country is well and truely at the back of the queue. Thats if we are even in line for anything at all…

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