BlackBerry Bold Now Has Next G Blue Tick

Telstra has just doubled the number of smart phones able to be used reliably on Next G in rural areas with the announcement of a BlackBerry Bold software upgrade.

Regional users with mobile signal issues often rely heavily on Telstra's Blue Tick mark (which indicates an improved ability to access Next G in remote areas). While there's a range of phones that have received the tick, a search of Telstra's site suggests that the Palm Treo is the only currently accredited smart phone model.

As such, the announcement of a Blue Tick software upgrade for the Bold is good news, if only in terms of choice. Existing Bold owners using Next G can download the upgrade and install it via their PCs (there doesn't seem to be an over-the-air option, although with the update topping 100MB that's probably not such a bad thing). Telstra will begin selling new Blue Tick Bolds from early August.


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