Vodafone Owners Can Upgrade Older BlackBerry Devices To 6

Vodafone BlackBerry users with the Bold 9700, Curve 3G or Pearl 3G can now update their devices to run BlackBerry 6, which offers a much-improved browser and music player, plus universal search and a bunch of other improvements.

If you're running Windows, you can update your phone by connecting it via USB and then visiting www.blackberry.com/update (note that you can't use Chrome to do this). Mac users will need to update via the BlackBerry desktop software (which is also an option for Windows users). I'd imagine similar updates will be made available soon for devices linked to other carriers; there's certainly no harm in checking the link occasionally. Update: the Vodafone update will also work for 3 owners with those devices.


    Now I just have to wait for Telstra to release 6.0 for those models. If their schedule holds, the 9100 and 9700 should get it during May.

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