iPhone 3.0 Will Be Revealed March 17

iPhone 3.0 Will Be Revealed March 17

Apple announced an iPhone event today where they’ll be giving “a sneak peek at the iPhone OS 3.0 software.” Gizmodo suggests this might coincide with the unveiling of a rumoured touchscreen tablet based on the iPhone, but we’ll see for sure on March 17th. Got a feature you’d love to see added to iPhone 3.0 (*cough, copy and paste, cough*)? Let’s hear about it in the comments. [Gizmodo]


  • I’d definitely like to see:
    – Copy/Paste
    – MMS – this is one of the things I find most annoying about the iphone. It’s a pretty basic feature on other phones, why can’t the jesus phone support it?
    – bluetooth support for transferring files
    – caps lock mode on keyboard
    – turn by turn navigation
    – sms forwarding
    – flash support

  • i think they should do something about adding turn by turn navigation. the GPS is kinda useless, and always trying to get an internet connection to use their maps for navigation is a joke!

    Jennifer – you can already do Caps Lock by double tapping the caps key – it will turn blue to indicate that Caps Lock is active

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