Facebook User Name Rush Begins This Weekend

Facebook is going to start letting users identify their web pages with URLs like www.facebook.com/username/– but that means an unseemly rush for common names when the feature gets enabled this weekend.

A post on the Facebook blog says that the option will become available at 1201am EDT Saturday, which translates to 2pm Saturday on the Australian East Coast. It’s a first-come first-served system, so the John Smiths and Jenny Joneses of the world are going to need to think of some alternatives. Hit the post for details on what the restrictions are and how Facebook plans to stop name-squatting; that’s all well and good, but I suspect Facebook itself is going to be nigh-unusable for a few hours while it happens. (Updated to insert correct time, which I mis-transcribed earlier.)

Coming Soon: Facebook Usernames [Facebook Blog]


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