3 Offers HTC Magic Pricing, Vodafone Stays Mum

3 has outlined pricing for Australia's second Android phone, the HTC Magic, but Vodafone, which will also be selling it, is still staying mum — even thought the phone will be out in a fortnight's time.

Nick over at Gizmodo has the full roundup on 3's pricing, , but I suspect most people would opt for the $99 plan (over 24 months), the cheapest option that gets you the phone for free.

Of course, for proper comparison shopping, it'd be nice to see what Vodafone are charging, but the company is sticking to its we're not talking policy. Lifehacker's own policy on this remains firm: don't buy a phone until you know what it costs and whether someone else might sell it to you more cheaply.

3's HTC Magic Pricing Announced [Gizmodo]


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