HTC Desire HD To Launch On Vodafone and 3

HTC announced its new Desire HD model in London today. Seamus was at the London launch for our gadget sibling Gizmodo and has all the details. Vodafone and 3 quickly jumped on the bandwagon and announced an exclusive on the phone for the Australian market "later this year", though there's no pricing details or exact launch date. No word yet either on local plans for the newly-launched (and keyboard-toting) Desire Z.


    Nice... but with dual core androids around the corner.. not sure if this is enough to tempt me to upgrade my nexus one.

    Plus I'm kinda sick of vodafone / 3's dodgy 2100 band

    And hopefully this will create some nice cheap outright Desires...

    its about time 3 introduced something interesting. Their phone selection was getting stale.

    gay.. voda in tassie sucks and we don't even have 3!

    hopefully it goes the way of the SE k850i... exclusive to voda for about 2 months then telstra released it.

      Vodafone and 3 are merging so you aren't missing out on threes crappy reception :x

    I really hope Desire Z comes to Virgin

    It's interesting that Telstra didn't snaffle the Desire HD up... from what I hear the Desire is quite popular there and the HD would be a nice followup. Hopefully it's a short exclusive for Voda\3 and Telstra get it soon. Optus' network is, quite frankly, starting to annoy me.

    But what about the Desire Z? Nobody's claimed it here... will they claim it or not? Hmmm...

      I think Vodafone's got an exclusive on the Desire Z as well.

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