Vodafone Goes Cheap With Android HTC Magic

Vodafone might have endlessly dragged its heels over pricing for its Android phone, but now it has finally announced some costs, it has managed to undercut current rival (and future business partner) 3 with a $69 a month plan for the phone.

Vodafone’s cheapest HTC plan ($69 a month over 24 months) includes $400 in call credit and 1GB of data downloads — which considerably undercuts 3’s cheapest plan offering a free Magic, which is $99. Of course, coverage issues (as ever) might have as much to do with your choice as price, but the Vodafone deal certainly looks a chunk cheaper right now. Vodafone is allowing orders from its site from June 4, and will begin selling the devices in store from June 10.

Vodafone HTC


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