What’s So Wrong With One-Line Email Anyway?

What’s So Wrong With One-Line Email Anyway?

EmailOneLine.jpgYesterday, Lifehacker US founder Gina suggested tagging your email as “sent from your mobile phone” to justify only writing a brief reply. The mild deception involved doesn’t bother me, but I can’t help thinking that there’s nothing wrong with writing a brief reply no matter what your preferred platform is. We’re all suffering from email overload, so keeping replies brief is a bigger courtesy than going on at length for form’s sake. In a similar vein, I’m also a fan of the EOM tag for really brief messages. What do you think? Does email require lengthy replies, or is it acceptable to just get straight to the point with people you know?


  • Short email with people you know is fine. At work I’m often required to write lengthy, technical emails where I can’t assume the reader knows what I do. Cutting them down much would mean the wrong result might be achieved.

    I’m not a fan of EOM, it encourages longer subjects – which often overrun my allotted column space for subjects. I prefer a two or three word subject with the single line of text in the body.

  • Someone tried to bring in the EOM tag at work last year but it never really gained any momentum. I think for people who have grown up with email and SMS messaging it makes sense but for older generations it’s a bit too informal for the workplace.

  • One line emails are fine and you don’t need a silly tag to confuse things further. I’ve never had an email at work where the subject line was fine but the body disappeared en route so if I get an email with just a subject line I know that’s all there is.

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