How Does Your Facebook Friends Total Compare To The Average?

How Does Your Facebook Friends Total Compare To The Average?

FacebookFriendSearch.jpgFacebook is making a bit of noise about the fact that it is now five years old, during which time it has attracted a total of 150 million users (of whom 15 million bother to update their status daily or more often). The statistic which stuck out for me is that the average user now has a total of 120 friends. Facebook originally eschewed the MySpace “whoever has the most friends wins” ethos, but 120 still seems to me a fairly big number (though admittedly my own total is even higher). Where do you find yourself on that scale? Have you befriended every former classmate, or kept yourself to a more restricted group of people you might actually recognise if you passed them in the street?


  • How is this relevant to anything? In understand that social networking is a large part of today’s world and is somewhat relevant to Lifehacker’s target audience (probably), but I’m a little disappointed by this post.

    Having said that, keep up the good work overall.

  • I, too, am over that mark, but I, too, am surprised. I see a lot of defunct accounts where someone has joined, made one friend, and then abandoned Facebook. I would have thought the number was less.

  • They are probably talking mean average which is heavily affected by outliers, i.e. celebrities with tens of thousands of “friends”. A more significant number would be how many friends the median user has.

  • Though there’s an upper limit on friends (it was 5,000 when Kevin Rudd hit it IIRC) — after that, you need the “fans” mechanism instead. But agree the median figure would be interesting!

  • I have a total of 15 friends. This number may be low to you who are reading this, but I recognize these people when we pass one another; but don’t kid yourself into thinking that they are true friends. As far as I am concerned, most people can’t be trusted with anything, as they often prove this by their very actions. The majority of them being vicious creatures; hence the reason why I keep my numbers low. Not to mention that most of them simply enjoy not doing anything which would enhance their own intelligence to begin with.

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