Google Maps Offers Real-Time Victorian Bushfire Updates

As bushfires continue to wreak destruction across large areas of Victoria, a group of Google engineers have developed a map using real-time RSS updates from the Country Fire Authority to track fire activity. Given that the CFA has urged that usage of its own site be minimised to ensure people in affected areas can access it, this is a sensible alternative.


    this is such a good idea. i am trying to track the fire in realtion to friends and family but there is no image or map on the screen.
    dont want to call emergency crews, there is enough of a problem there.
    what to do?

    Thank you.... much appreciated :-)

    Thanks very much for the map. Very helpful.

    There is an official government site that tracks bushfires in Australia and you can find relevant information on the following address:

    Google map version of the same information is available from this site:

    Due to heavy traffic service may not be working all the time but there are static maps of yesterday's fires on site.

    I hope it's of interest.

    Being geographically challenged, this site is great. I can quickly see where the towns are in conjunction with the fires. Thank you for putting this together. Greatly appreciated.

    Does anyone know how Toolangi is faring? My sister lives overseas and has a house up there and can't raise anyone in the town to find out what is happening. We think they have been evacuated. Any news would be of help.


    Hi Marie,
    Here is a link about Toolangi.

    Take care.

    BushFire Victims,Friends/Family. This is a New Category that has been added to the Gumtree Melbourne site. At present,there are about 6 or 7 people on it. If you are trying to contact someone because of the fires, you might give it a look. 'Hope this helps someone!'

    A Great Help at a very anxious time. Thank you Google

    A big thanks to those at google for all their assistance with the victorian bushfires, your hard work is very much appreciated.

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