VisualWikipedia Adds Interactive Context To Wikipedia

Web site VisualWikipedia adds new context to Wikipedia articles by integrating advanced interactive features, YouTube videos, and relational maps to the free online encyclopedia.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when browsing VisualWikipedia (which basically grabs all of its text content from Wikipedia) is the link pop-ups, which provide inline previews of other articles without loading a new page. Granted, we often consider those sort of inline pop-ups to be somewhat of an annoyance under the wrong circumstances, but the way they’re used in VisualWikipedia isn’t quite as bothersome as you may be used to. In fact, it’s downright useful. It’s so easy to get off track clicking through related links when you’re browsing a page on Wikipedia, but with VisualWikipedia, you can grab a quick summary without ever opening another page—meaning you get back to what you actually came for without starting an endless click-trail into curiousity. Apart from that, VisualWikipedia integrates with YouTube videos, provides relational maps of topics, and provides an all-around retooling of the way Wikipedia articles are presented. The biggest downside: It’s not terribly attractive. VisualWikipedia may not be for everyone, but it is worth a look.


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