Why Board Games Are Good For You

No matter how much of a tech fetishist you are, chances are there's a few board games kicking around your place if you've had Christmas in a household with kids in it. The BBC News Magazine offers an interesting perspective on why board games are valuable, ranging from the obvious (Monopoly builds patience) to the less-frequently discussed (building diplomacy skills). Time to break out the Cluedo, methinks.


    I thought the BBC article was terrific. There many more articles about why board games are good for you at www.gamesforeducators.com and suggested games. You can also post your questions about games on the board.

    What's more, for thos of you that think board games are still just Monopoly or Cluedo - go and have a look in a well stocked games shop. There are many new board games that are ingenious and just a hell of a lot of fun.

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