Video explains basic uses of Twitter to sceptics

Video explains basic uses of Twitter to sceptics

Once you’ve become a committed Twitter user and are tweeting like a pro, it can be difficult to explain to sceptical people just why it is you use it, or even how. For those hard-to-persuade friends, the ‘How Do You Use Twitter?’ video — cut together by the Twitter team with real-life examples — is a good way of demonstrating how Twitter can be useful, as well as indulgent, and offering some examples of specific applications. I particularly like the description of Twitter as “like blogging for lazy people”. (I’m weighing up the pros and cons of a Lifehacker AU Twitter feed, so let me know your thoughts in the comments; in the meantime you can follow me at gusworldau if you’re curious).


  • Nope, Twitter is still a complete wank. All this ad did was further convince me that it’s the worthless pile of crap I always thought it was.

    Even if I did have a way to use the internet wherever I happened to be, I’m not so addicted that I would. If I want to get a message to someone I can phone them, text them, email them, IM them, etc. I don’t need to constantly broadcast my every thought and nor do I need to hear every thought of anyone else.

    If it’s not important enough to tell me directly and not interesting enough to take up more than 140 characters, I don’t care. If you want to, you can tell me in person next time we see each other.

  • Every other person in that video was using a handheld device to post to that site. In Australia, even just posting

    The interwebnet is for hermits who want to occasionally flame people they hardly know for no good reason other than they can get away with it when not communicating one to one with that person. Hmmm actually that sounds like the interwebnet circa 1998 not 2008.

    Ahhh the interwebnet when it was just the ‘net. Those were the days. Now it’s consumerised, nothing will save us from that tedious minutia that plagues humanity: the compulsion of the masses to communicate each and every thought that spews out of the barely-conscious, unthinking grey matter occupying the cranial cavity in everyone’s head.

    Instead of getting the masterpiece of all novels from enabling the billions on this planet to publish – with the interwebnet – we get the opposite: twitter.

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