Tips For Writing A Twitter Novel

TwitterNovel.jpg One of the earliest examples of the novel in English was written entirely as letters from the protagonist, and most new communications mediums eventually end up being used as a structure for fiction (Lucy Kellaway's Who Moved My Blackberry? is a great example of the email novel genre). Guest blogger Brandon J. Mendelson at TwiTip offers some thoughts on his experience trying to write a "Twitter novel", The Falcon Can Hear The Falconer, posted one sentence at a time via a dedicated Twitter account. If you've always contemplated writing a novel but find the prospect of chapter-by-chapter writing and plotting scary, Twitter's inherent brevity and built-in audience commentary might be just the tonic. And if you've started a volume of social network fiction, share a link in the comments.


    I like the idea of real time twitter novel broadcasting, don't know if it would work for all micro-novels such as NYCrimeStories..., although it would be interesting.

    Having posted a novel at twitter at I saw there is a different problem with comprehension in a
    backward reading story. I needed to post a "real" version at Much easier to read that way.

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