Program IceTV using your iPhone

In the absence of a proper free electronic program guide, subscription EPG IceTV has long been the best choice for people who want a proper, easy-to-program guide for their personal video recorder and don't plan to purchase a Foxtel IQ box (or more recently, a Tivo). As Nick over at Gizmodo notes, IceTV has now rolled out a free iPhone application which lets you use your cherished Apple phone to program your IceTV device remotely. Even non-account holders can use it for checking today's TV guide (though there's plenty of other sites that'll give you that feature). The application is free for iPhone 2.0 users. [IceTV via MacTalk via Gizmodo]


    I'm not sure if this is a bug, bug I've only got a free account and I seem to be able to get the full 7-day EPG.

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