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This One-Minute Video Offers Five Tips For Working Better At Home

Working from home is a great benefit, but it also has its challenges. Apartment Therapy offers a few tips for staying productive when your home is your office.

Ask LH: How Do I Find A Job That Will Let Me Telecommute?

Dear Lifehacker, My commute is killing me. I hate driving in to work every day, dealing with traffic, and paying for parking. I’m looking for a new job, but how can I find a job that will let me work remotely or telecommute, even a few days a week?

Bunker App Is A Project Tracker And Invoice Generator

If you’re looking to start freelancing (or already have), you’re going to need to invoice your clients. Perhaps the simplest option is, but if you want more control plus the ability to track your tasks you should check out Bunker App.

Embrace Eccentricity To Make Working At Home More Creative

As this quote — from novelist Orhan Pamuk — illustrates, being a little eccentric can help you prime yourself to work more creatively. Sometimes the best thing is to embrace your peculiarities. Starting the day with a little fun can only be good for your creativity.

Use The Mac App Store For Remote Working

Heading to the relatives’ place for a long stay? Working on a Mac that’s not your own? Using the new Mac App Store’s easy licensing and installation, you can create a new user account and quickly set up your favourite software.

Where Are You Most Productive When Working At Home?

The desk was designed for work, but many of us find ourselves taking our laptops to the couch or the bed to get things done. Where are you most productive when working at home?

How'd You Convince Your Boss To Let You Work Remotely?

Even if you could easily do your job remotely, you still face a big cultural hurdle that stands between you and your home office. If you’ve convinced your boss to let you work remotely, we want to hear how you did it.

Emphasise Productivity To Convince Your Boss Of Remote Work

Remote work is a desirable working situation for many employees, but it can take some convincing to get your employer on board. Sure your boss can save money on office space and equipment, but productivity blog WebWorkerDaily suggests emphasising telecommuting-related productivity boosts.

Creativity May Favour The Smelly And Unkempt

If you’re working at home and trying to spark your creativity by showering, brushing your teeth, getting dressed and so on, you may not be giving yourself the head start you think.

Plan Your Breaks For More Successful Telecommuting

If you work at home, you’re likely aware of the many distractions surrounding you, but keeping your focus can be pretty easy with a little advanced planning.

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