Where Are You Most Productive When Working At Home?

The desk was designed for work, but many of us find ourselves taking our laptops to the couch or the bed to get things done. Where are you most productive when working at home?

At my first "desk job" I worked at — believe it or not — a desk. Shortly after being hired, however, we moved offices and, initially, there wasn't a desk for me. There was, however, a nice couch in the middle of the office. Because I was pretty much the go-to guy for tech questions, it was a really good place for me to be. I was in the centre of everything and I could sit comfortably on the couch and work on my laptop. When my desk was finally ready, I opted to stay on the couch because I felt I got more done and was more comfortable. While I prefer to do video and audio work at a desk, I've found that I'm more productive doing everything else from a couch because I became so used to it. A little later in life I ended up sleeping on couches often before settling down in my own apartment. Coincidentally, every couch has been red. I'm currently writing this post from my very own red couch. The couch is my command central and productivity hub when I'm working at home. What's yours?


    But then where is your 'wind-down' space at home? Do you specifically have a 'work' couch?

    The dining table for me. If I set up at my PC desk when working from home, I end up playing Team Fortress 2 all day :/

    Funny, never really thought about this before. The desk is definitely not where I do work! For short work (1-2 hours) I use the couch. If I need a long, hard stint of concentrating me, I lock myself in the spare bedroom and sit on the bed in there. It's the perfect space because the room contains next to nothing and is therefore devoid of distractions.

    Spreading out on a queen size bed is actually pretty handy if you've got a lot of paper spread around you, too...more convenient than a desk, I'd say.

    I need to have a desk to work! i cant stand doing anything other then lounging on a couch, if im working on a couch i get so frustrated with pens and paper falling in between the cushions and just general disorder. A desk is great, i can organise evverything i need where i can find it!

    Recently I've found that my bed has been the best place to work. Mainly because my desk is near the main living area of the house, which is noisy.

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