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7Files For Windows Streamlines Windows Explorer

Windows: Searching for files in Windows can be easy if you know what you’re looking for, and infuriating if you don’t remember a file name, path or folder location. 7Files, a free file browser for Windows 7 systems, makes searching easy by highlighting often-used files, organising your files by date, file type and file extension, and showing you most recently opened or modified files together for quick reference.

Windows 8 In-Depth, Part 3: Windows Explorer

Tablet users won’t be the only ones impressed by Windows 8 — some big changes have come to the desktop too, especially the newest version of Windows Explorer. Here are some of the biggest changes in Windows’ default file manager.

Command Bar Tweaker Removes Windows Explorer's Command Bar

Windows Explorer’s command bar can contain some useful buttons, but you can get the same features from keyboard shortcuts. This small utility hides the command bar completely.

MediaTab Puts Multimedia Info In A Windows Explorer Tab

Windows only: MediaTab is a free program that provides tag and other technical information about audio and video files, like MediaInfo, but is integrated into Windows Explorer, so you don’t need to open another application to get these details.

CustomExplorerToolbar Adds And Removes Buttons From Windows Explorer's Toolbar

Windows 7 only: Windows Explorer’s context menu is handy, but if you’d like easier access to your most-used features, CustomExplorerToolbar can put a number of different buttons right in Explorer’s toolbar.

FastPreview Adds Previews To Images In Windows Explorer

Windows only: FastPreview adds a big thumbnail to every image’s context menu in Windows Explorer, while also giving you quick access to a full-res preview as well as loads of data about the file.

Quickly Show The Preview Pane In Windows 7 With ALT+P

Windows 7: The preview pane in Windows Explorer for Windows 7 is much better than the version in Vista (with built-in support for more file types), and it has a handy keyboard shortcut: ALT+P.

QTTabBar Powers Up Windows Explorer With Tabbed Browsing, Tons Of Customisation Features

Windows only: If you’ve ever had to move a few files around in Windows, you know what it’s like having what seems like a hundred Explorer windows open at a time. QTTabBar gets rid of that annoyance by bringing tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer.

Show Drive Letters Before The Drive Name In Windows Explorer

If you find that you need to refer to your drives by letter more often than nickname, flipping through the Windows Explorer sidebar can be just a little annoying. Here’s how to show those letters first in your list of connected drives.

Keep The Windows Desktop From Crashing By Sandboxing Explorer Windows

The Explorer process runs a lot of important things in Windows, and when it crashes, it can really slow you down. It turns out, however, that you can sandbox Explorer windows so if one crashes, it doesn’t drag your whole system down.

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