QTTabBar Powers Up Windows Explorer With Tabbed Browsing, Tons Of Customisation Features

QTTabBar Powers Up Windows Explorer With Tabbed Browsing, Tons Of Customisation Features

Windows only: If you’ve ever had to move a few files around in Windows, you know what it’s like having what seems like a hundred Explorer windows open at a time. QTTabBar gets rid of that annoyance by bringing tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer.QTTabBar’s main focus is bringing one very useful feature to Windows Explorer: tabs. Now, you can open folders in new tabs, drag files and folders between tabs, and keep your desktop de-cluttered by keeping only one Explorer window open at a time. Like your favourite web browser, you can open folders in tabs with a middle click, switch between them with Ctrl+Tab, and use all the other shortcuts you know and love.

QTTabBar does more than just add tabs, though. It also adds a ton of other options that make Windows Explorer a bit more powerful. For example, you can copy the path to a folder just by double-clicking on its tab, or by clicking the copy path button in QTTabBar’s extra toolbar. You can also add a ton of different custom keyboard shortcuts to Explorer, which is great. If a full Explorer replacement like previously mentioned Total Commander isn’t for you, QTTabBar will give you a bit more power in the Explorer you already have.

We’ve actually talked about QTTabBar before, but it’s come a long way since then. Not only has it added a ton of extra options over the past few years, but there is a shiny new 2.0 version, which seriously increases stability. If you tried it in the past and were unhappy with it, version 2 is sure to give your Windows Explorer a new lease on life.

Hit the link below to check it out, and be sure to go through its Options page, as it changes a few common Explorer shortcuts you may be used to (double clicking on a folder now goes one folder up, for example; you can change this on the third “Tab & Window” section of the options).

Update: If you don’t like the new version, there’s also a fork of the project that you may find a bit more to your liking.

QTTabBar is a free download for Windows only.

QTTabBar [via AddictiveTips]


  • There’s one thing it completely ignores… dual pane browser! Or at least I can’t find a way to do it! It will open another instance of explorer, but not automatically put them side by side. I’ve been using a little VB script called Side by Side that is fantastic! Just open two instances of explorer and clik the button with this script that you can make with notepad:
    dim objShell

    set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)
    set objShell = nothing

    This was published by “Brink” on Vista forums in 2008.

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