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The Winter Cottage Desktop

Reader Alec used a little Übersicht magic to make his mac a little more welcoming when he sits down to work, and informative when he gets up to leave it. Here’s how he set everything up.

RainmeterHub Is A Great Directory Of Skins To Customise Your Desktop

Windows: If you want to customise your Windows desktop, it doesn’t get much better than Rainmeter. RainmeterHub is a new site that lets you browse and download new skins for your killer setup.

The Deserted Desktop

This week’s featured desktop makes use of a wallpaper we featured in Weekly Wallpaper last week, and adds some smart Rainmeter skins over top of it for a personal touch. stylised date in the centre, system monitors on the left, and a stylised clock in the upper right. Simple and easy.

The Autumn Desktop

Flickr user TheMuteRobot was looking for a desktop that captured the beauty of autumn, but was still informative. The end product is striking, minimal and useful.

The Transistor Desktop

Lifehacker reader Raghken was so enamoured with the teaser trailer for Supergiant Games’ upcoming title, Transistor (you can read all about it over at Kotaku) that he built this week’s featured desktop around it. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the game, the wallpaper is gorgeous.

Rainmeter 2.2 Adds Bug Fixes, New Plugins

Windows: Rainmeter, our favorite system monitor and desktop customiser for Windows, just released a new version that contains lots of bug fixes and performance improvements, plus localisation support for 35 different languages.

Rainmeter 2.1 Improves Now Playing Plugin, Simplifies Skin Management

Windows: Rainmeter, one of our favourite desktop customisation tools, just updated with a number of enhancements, like a consolidated settings window, an improved Now Playing plugin, and more.

6 Awesome Rainmeter Suites

If you want to see what you can really do with some Rainmeter tweaking, check out the gallery below. It features six awesome Rainmeter skin suites and the kinds of custom desktops they can create. You can find tons of other suites shown off in our Featured Desktop series), as well as on the Rainmeter Forums, on DeviantART, on Customize.org, and just searching Google.

How To Create An Attractive, Customised Desktop HUD With Rainmeter

Whether your goal is to make your desktop look beautiful or you want an information-rich desktop that provides constant track of your system status, RSS feeds, and other info, Rainmeter is the best tool for the job. Here’s how to use Rainmeter to create an attractive, customisable heads-up display on your Windows desktop.

The Tidy Windows Phone 7 Desktop

Back in March last year, we offered a detailed guide to giving your desktop a transformation in the style of Windows Phone 7. Lifehacker reader Scott did a great job with that approach, creating a functional interactive desktop with neatly-arranged components for his 27-inch display.

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