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Eradicate The Word 'Like' From Your Professional Vocabulary

Using “like” a lot in sentences is moderately acceptable in social situations (even though you might end up sounding like a bratty teenager) but it can kill your credibility in a workplace. If you want to ditch your love of “like” to appear more professional at work, read on for some practice advice on how to do so.

Public Speaking For Cardboard Helps You Practice Speaking To An Audience

If you’ve never spoken on stage before, you might feel overwhelmed the first time you get up there. To help make you a bit more comfortable with the experience, Public Speaking for Google Cardboard helps simulate a crowd.

Don't Be Afraid Of Silence When Giving A Presentation

Public speaking can be a nerve-racking experience for those of us who are not used to it and one of the things we fear the most is the awkward silence. But pausing while giving a speech or presentation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Why You Shouldn't Memorise A Speech Or Presentation

Memorising your presentation will help make it go smoothly (and you feel less nervous), right? Probably not, according to Toastmasters International experts on public speaking.

Skip The Slides For Your Next Presentation

The next time you’re putting together a set of slides for your presentation, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Then, an all likelihood, stop making slides.

The Best Productivity Tricks Used By Evil Dictators

History is full of evil dictators, and while the had their share of bad qualities, it’s undeniable they were efficient at getting things done. Here’s what we can learn from them, despite their evil nature.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Teleprompter Operator

It’s hard work to appear effortless. High production values can often be measured by what you don’t see in a show, whether its a live performance or on television, and one diligent, necessary worker behind the scenes is the teleprompter operator.

Write A Better Speech By Practising It On A Novice

If delivering a speech isn’t intimidating enough, writing one can be just as difficult. And if you’re dealing with a complex topic, it might be hard to gauge whether or not you’ve simplified that topic enough for people to understand it. One way to make sure you have is to practise that speech on a novice.

Use Specific Details In Your Stories To Make Presentations More Engaging

When you’re giving a presentation, you’ve probably been told to keep it simple and brief. However, neglecting immersive details can leave your stories boring and your audience disengaged.

Ace An Impromptu Speech With This Template

If you’ve ever been asked to give a speech or a toast on the fly, you know how much pressure it can be. You can deliver a solid impromptu speech by remembering these five elements.

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