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Use The Serial Position Effect To Prioritise Information When Presenting

Giving a presentation isn’t just standing at a podium reading a list. If you want to convey your information well, organise it so the most important stuff is told first, and also last.

Use The SOS Technique To Capture Your Audience When Speaking In Public

Part of being an effective public speaker is being able to tell a captivating story. For many of us, that’s not as easy as it seems. Use the SOS technique to capture an audience, whether you’re speaking in public or just having a conversation with friends.

Make Presentations Less Terrifying By Breaking Them Into Small Chunks

Giving presentations is a bit stressful for many of us, but over on Harvard Business Review, they suggest that one way make things a little better is to break your presentation into smaller, more memorable, chunks.

Boost Your Confidence Before A Presentation With A Little Arrogance

You shouldn’t act like a jerk to other people, but if you’re feeling nervous before a speech or presentation, a little arrogance can help you fight off the jitters.

Master Public Speaking By Learning How To Breathe

Breathing is autonomic, and you might think you’ve got a pretty good handle on it. When it comes to public speaking, however, learning how to breathe properly is critical.

Blow Into A Straw To Exercise (And Avoid Losing) Your Voice

The next time someone tells you to stop blowing bubbles in your drink, tell them you’re working on your singing career. As it turns out, blowing into a straw can help exercise your vocal cords and prevent losing your voice.

Make Presentations Engaging And Memorable With The '1, 2... 4! Rule'

A good presentation is like a good joke — you don’t want the whole thing to be too predictable or it loses all of its power. Keeping the “1, 2… 4! rule” in mind while you put your presentation together can help.

Build Towards Inescapable Conclusions To Inspire Like Winston Churchill

Giving a speech is intimidating. Winning over a crowd, even moreso. If you want to inspire the people you’re speaking to when you’re presenting, bring them to an inescapable conclusion.

Draft Your Presentation Before Making Slides For A Clearer Message

When you’re building a presentation, you may be tempted to dive right into making the slides. Instead, take the time to draft it as an outline first. You may know your material, but the outline helps you focus on the important points without getting carried away.

Make Better Presentations By Putting The Key Info In The First Minute

Put your presentation’s important information in the first minute to grab your audience’s attention. You’ll engage people more by showing them why they should listen — and make for a better presentation in the process.

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