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Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking By Making A Video Of Yourself

We often fear public speaking because we are afraid of how we appear to others, and we tend to be perfectionists. Make a video of yourself and share it on social media to overcome this fear.

Use The HAIL Method To Be More Persuasive And Trustworthy

Being persuasive is often a function of being (or at least appearing) trustworthy. The more people trust you the more likely they are to listen to your words and do what you want. For that purpose, the HAIL method can guide you.

Avoid Saying 'I'm Sorry' For A Better Presentation

When the inevitable snag in a presentation occurs, we’re inclined to apologise for the error. However, you should consider avoiding that phrase entirely.

Avoid Saying 'Thank You' For A More Powerful Presentation

Your first instinct might be to thank the audience at the end of your speech. But dropping the “Thank You” can make your closing signal speak for itself.

Identify Your Voice's 'Mask' To Optimise Your Natural Pitch And Tone

You’d think talking would be one of those things we’ve mastered by the time we’re adults. Yet we haven’t even got breathing properly down. If you’re trying to make your voice sound better and project more, start by finding your voice’s “mask.”

Keep Your Hands In Your Lap While On Camera

If you haven’t had your 15 minutes of fame yet, you will. Look your best during an on-camera interview by keeping your hands in your lap, says communications blog

Improve Your Presentations And Public Speaking 60 Seconds At A Time

Most of us weren’t born orators and could use a little rehearsal to make speaking in public more natural and presentations less sucky. Andrew Ng, Coursera co-founder and Stanford professor, suggests doing deliberate practise sessions to get better at these highly useful skills.

Boost Your Public Speaking Confidence With Vocal Exercises

Public speaking is hard enough for most of us. You’ve memorised, rehearsed and gone over it a million times in your head, but there is no guarantee those brilliant words of yours are going to flow out of your mouth the way you want them to. These exercises can help.

Grab Your Audience's Attention With Three Simple Steps

Public speaking (whether in person or online) is a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t quite know what to say. If you have a little familiarity with your audience, though, you can grab them early on. You just need to engage a few key steps.

The Michael Bay CES Lesson: Always Have A Backup Plan For Presentations

Action movie uber-director Michael Bay caused a sensation today at Samsung’s CES press conference when he walked off stage because he couldn’t read the teleprompter. There’s a lesson here for everyone: if you’re making any kind of presentation, make sure you have a backup option in case the technology failed.