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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions During Any Conversation

In a way, a conversation relies on improvisation — you take your knowledge and experience and, on the fly, mould it into something others can work with to add to the discussion. As improv coach Chris Gethard explains in this clip, boosting your off-the-cuff skills can make you a better communicator in general.

Practice Your Speech As A Conversation To Give Better Presentations

Think back to the last time you heard someone give a speech by reading words directly off a card. How bored were you? If you want to avoid having the same effect on your own audience, practice your speech by having a conversation with someone about it.

7 Speaking Habits That Make You Sound Smarter [Infographic]

The way you converse with people can reveal a lot about your intellect; even if you’re just discussing the weather. When it comes to projecting intelligence, it’s not so much what you say as how you say it. Here are seven proven speaking habits that will cast you in the best possible light.

How To Speak In Public Like A Pro, Even If It's Your First Time

If you tremble when you think of giving a speech, you’re not alone. It’s normal. Just thinking about it makes me shudder inside — and I’ve spent 18 years giving talks. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years to bust my fear of public speaking.

Reframe Nervousness As Excitement Before You Give A Big Speech

There are a lot of great ways to calm your nerves before you step into the spotlight, but it might also help to refashion what you’re feeling instead of trying to suppress it.

Eradicate The Word 'Like' From Your Professional Vocabulary

Using “like” a lot in sentences is moderately acceptable in social situations (even though you might end up sounding like a bratty teenager) but it can kill your credibility in a workplace. If you want to ditch your love of “like” to appear more professional at work, read on for some practice advice on how to do so.

Public Speaking For Cardboard Helps You Practice Speaking To An Audience

If you’ve never spoken on stage before, you might feel overwhelmed the first time you get up there. To help make you a bit more comfortable with the experience, Public Speaking for Google Cardboard helps simulate a crowd.

Don't Be Afraid Of Silence When Giving A Presentation

Public speaking can be a nerve-racking experience for those of us who are not used to it and one of the things we fear the most is the awkward silence. But pausing while giving a speech or presentation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Why You Shouldn't Memorise A Speech Or Presentation

Memorising your presentation will help make it go smoothly (and you feel less nervous), right? Probably not, according to Toastmasters International experts on public speaking.

Skip The Slides For Your Next Presentation

The next time you’re putting together a set of slides for your presentation, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Then, an all likelihood, stop making slides.

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