Firefox Finally Adds A Built-in PDF Viewer With The Latest Update

Firefox users, the wait is finally over. Now you can read PDFs in the browser without needing a plugin. Firefox 19 also adds startup performance improvements, new features for developers and the usual bug fixes.

Dropbox For iOS Improves PDF Viewing And Adds Push Notifications

iOS: Dropbox has just released an update with significant improvements to the way you view PDFs. It also now has a new option to enable push notifications when someone shares a file with you.

Nitro PDF Reader Upgrades To 3.5, Pro Version Hits 8.5

We’ve never been fans of Adobe’s bloated and risky Reader for viewing PDFs. If you want to examine and edit PDFs, Australian-developed Nitro Reader remains our favourite. Version 3.5 of the free Reader product adds support for reading XML Forms Architecture (XFA) documents and incorporates various performance fixes, while the full-blown Nitro Pro package jumps to version 8.5 and adds the ability to convert files into PowerPoint format.

Can Dungeons & Dragons And PDFs Co-Exist?

Last week’s news that Wizards Of The Coast would make classic editions and modules for Dungeons And Dragons available for download had me initially excited; I love classic AD&D/D&D. Then I remembered. I still have all that stuff in physical form! How do the PDF versions compare?

Signature Signs PDFs Via Your Trackpad, Stores Them For Later Use

OS X: Need to sign a PDF but don’t have a pen? If you’ve got signature, you can use your finger and multitouch trackpad to sign it digitally.

Nitro Reader 3 Adds Auto-Save, Smart Alignment For PDF Editing

Australian-developed Nitro Reader 3 remains our favourite tool for working with PDFs: it’s free, it lets you edit and sign PDF files, and it works far better and less intrusively than Adobe’s Reader. Version 3 has just been released and adds several cool features, including auto-saving when you edit files and smart alignment of text when you are filling in scanned forms.

I Would Also Like To Throw A Printer From A Multi-Story Building [Video]

Not because it would be productive or wise. Just because troubleshooting printers is often painful and tedious and wanton destruction can seem like the best option.

Word 2013 Can Edit PDF Files

One of the handiest features of Word 2013 is that it can now open and edit PDF files. Word has long been able to save into PDF format, but the ability to edit PDF files is a welcome addition to its arsenal.

DiffPDF Finds Differences Between PDF Files

Windows/Mac: Comparing two different versions of a PDF file can be a nightmare. The open source DiffPDF automates the process, finding differences in both text and appearance.

MagicReader Flips Through PDF Pages By Nodding

iPad: The iPad is by definition a touchscreen device, but there are times you want to use it but don’t want to dirty up the display with your greasy fingers. MagicReader lets you read your PDFs and turn the pages by just moving your head so you don’t have to use your hands at all.