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ToPDF Instantly Converts Your Documents To PDF

While you can get great PDF editors for your Windows PC or Mac , sometimes you just want to combine and convert documents quickly. In those cases, toPDF can do the trick.

PDF Convert Instantly Turns An Email Into A PDF

PDFs are by no mean tough to make these days, but you might not always have access to the software you need to turn something into a PDF. For those moments, PDF Convert is a service that will turn your emails into a PDF in a matter of minutes.

Debenu Integrates Tons Of Handy PDF Tools With Windows Explorer

Windows: PDF conversion tools are plentiful these days, but Debenu has managed to stand out from the crowd by integrating neatly into the Windows Explorer right-click menu. With a simple right-click, you can open up a lot of PDF conversion possibilities.

Use PowerShell To Control How PDFs Open

We’re unashamed fans of PowerShell around these parts, and here’s another handy application for it: changing the way PDF files open from SharePoint document libraries that use Office Web Apps.

Ask LH: How Can I Get Multiple People To Sign Electronic Documents?

Dear Lifehacker, My company has work-from-home employees, directors and contractors spread throughout Australia. When we have a document that requires multiple signatures, I ask each person to sign, scan and email their own copy back to me. Common sense would suggest that the collection of each of these individually signed (but otherwise identical) documents equals one fully signed document. But what does the law say about this, if anything? And is there a better way to do this? Thanks, Signing Off

Use The Word Web App As A PDF Viewer

Microsoft has updated the web version of Word to include a built-in PDF viewer. Any PDF files from your email or stored on SkyDrive can be viewed directly within the app, or the text extracted into a new Word document for editing.

Skitch Adds New Stamps For Instant Feedback And PDF Annotation

Mac/iOS: Evernote’s simple image annotation tool, Skitch, received an update today. It adds two new annotation features that make it easier to quickly provide feedback.

Use Google Cloud Print To Quickly Save Files As PDFs On Your Mobile Devices

Chrome: Google Cloud Print is an under-rated, yet awesome service that lets you print wirelessly and remotely to any printer. Beyond creating paper printouts, Cloud Print is also an awesome tool for sending content to remote devices, saving them as PDFs.

Batch Convert Word To PDF With PowerShell

Word can save documents directly to PDF format, but what if you want to convert multiple files simultaneously? They Hey, Scripting Guy! blog outlines how you can perform batch conversions using PowerShell to drive Microsoft Word. Check the post for the details. [Hey, Scripting Guy!]

Firefox Finally Adds A Built-in PDF Viewer With The Latest Update

Firefox users, the wait is finally over. Now you can read PDFs in the browser without needing a plugin. Firefox 19 also adds startup performance improvements, new features for developers and the usual bug fixes.

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