How To Disable Chrome's PDF Viewer

Having a built-in PDF viewer in Chrome is useful for short documents, but Chrome's insistence on using it even when you download a larger file and open it can be a nuisance. If you want the option of opening in a desktop viewer instead, here's how to disable it.

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Type chrome:plugins into the address bar, find the Chrome PDF viewer option and click Disable. Unfortunately, it's an all-or-nothing choice — there doesn't seem to be a way to tell Chrome to use its own viewer for direct addresses, but an external viewer for downloaded files.


    Many IT shops don't keep Acrobat Reader patched on their network, using the Chrome reader is really doing them a service, best thing is you don't need local admin rights to install Chrome.

    Thank you, the worst thing about it is it sucks for seaching the pdf.

    thanks man, that thing kept popping up, blocking things like entering fullscreen in videos and so on..

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