SmallPDF Compresses PDFs From The Cloud

SmallPDF Compresses PDFs From the Cloud

If you've ever tried to send a large PDF over email, you know that email systems often have file size limits. SmallPDF will combine and shrink PDFs from the cloud so you can send bigger files.

SmallPDF also converts other file formats to and from PDF. The service will need store your files for one hour according to the privacy policy, so you don't want to use this for confidential documents — but for simple large PDFs, it works quite well.

SmallPDF [SmallPDF via Guiding Tech]


    If you're running a recent version of MacOS X then you can use preview to do something similar.
    Open the document in preview
    Select PDF as the format (obviously), and then in quartz filter select "reduce file size".

    Adobe Acrobat can also do the perfect job, but you have to buy the software though.

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