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How To Treat The Three Most Common Types Of Headache

We all get headaches from time to time. In fact, nearly every second person in the world had a headache at least once in the past year. But these can feel very different, depending on which of the nearly 200 types of headache you have.

Lifehacker 101: Mechanical Keyboards

A good mechanical keyboard can make an immense difference to your keyboard use, whether it’s for coding, writing or gaming. Here’s what you need to know.

Lifehacker 101: How Well Do Fitness Trackers Work?

Wander into just about any shop and you’ll be bowled over by the sheer range of fitness trackers, all claiming to help you on your fitness journey. But are they actually accurate at tracking exercise? And what kind of features should you look for? This guide will help.

Lifehacker 101: Solar Power And Your Home

There are numerous benefits to making your home solar powered — and more than a few pitfalls. Here’s what you need to know about solar powering your home in Australia.

Lifehacker 101: Smart Locks

You may have heard the term “Smart Lock” applied to a new category of devices. But what is a smart lock, and why would you want one?

What's The Best Way To Keep Your Smartphone Charged?

It’s inevitable at some point that your smartphone will run a little low on juice. Which strategy is best for keeping your power topped up?

Drones 101: Flying And Photography Tips For Beginners

Abraham Joffe is an award-winning Australian cinematographer specialising in documentaries and nature videos. His expertise in drone imaging recently landed him a producing role on Tales by Light; a six-part television series by Canon and National Geographic which kicked off last week. We asked Joffe to share his tips for flying drones and taking photos with them.

How To Keep The World From Distracting You When You Work From Home

A few months ago, I was interviewing someone for a story when I heard a knock at my door. It was my apartment’s maintenance crew, a day late to install something. Before I could pause the interview, the knocking turned into loud banging, and it didn’t take long before my interview subject asked “are you OK over there?”

How To Stop Wasting Money On In-App Purchases

If you don’t manage them, In-App Purchases (IAP) can add up fast. Here’s how to keep them under control.

How To Manage Your Money, For Those Who Never Learned

How you manage, spend, and invest your money can have a profound impact on your life, yet very few schools teach these important skills. Learning financial savvy can take a while, but the basics are fairly simple and never change. Here’s where to get started.

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