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iTunes-Remote Controls iTunes Directly From The Command Line

Mac: It’s no secret that a lot of people really don’t like iTunes, but that doesn’t mean that most of us have bothered to actually replace it. If you really just want a simple way to play some songs from your iTunes library, iTunes-Remote is a command line tool that’s simple to use.

Plaaying Stuffs Your Mac's Media Player Into The Menu Bar, Adds A Bunch Of Options

Mac: We’ve seen a variety of menu bar apps for controlling iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio, but for whatever reason they don’t seem to stay updated and working for long. Plaaying’s a new app that gives you control over your music player and should continue working because of its custom album artwork system.

iTunes Price Hike: Apple Is Raising Its App Prices In Australia (Again)

Last year, Apple raised its app prices across the board for both iOS and Mac users. Now it’s happening again. (Boo-urns!) The price hike is expected to kick in sometime tomorrow. On the plus side, the 99 cent app is back. (Hurrah?)

Use iTunes Smart Playlists To Differentiate Between Apple Music, ITunes Match, And More

iTunes and Apple Music work together in harmony, which is great for some people, but can make it pretty confusing to tell where songs are actually located. Macworld shows off a few easy ways to sort albums using smart playlists.

Apple Turns On iOS 9 Feature That Can Shrink Apps For Developers

Last month, Apple announced an app slicing feature for iOS 9 that can help developers make smaller versions of their apps. The initial release of the feature, called App Thinning, was delayed due to a bug but it is now officially available for developers. So what does this mean for iOS device user? Here are the details.

Highball For iPhone Collects And Shares Cocktail Recipes

iPhone: Have a few favourite cocktail recipes that you want to keep on tap for easy access? Highball is an iPhone app that makes collecting and sharing recipes easy.

Discographer Scans Your iTunes Library For Artist's Missing Albums

If you have a large collection of music in iTunes, it’s pretty easy to miss an album or two from an artist you love. Discographer scans your iTunes music library, then shows you all the albums from that artist that you’re missing.

Easily Reset Apple Music Suggestions With A Tap

When you first set up Apple Music, it asks you to input some genre favourites and pick some favourite artists. When you’re first launching the app and want to check things out, it’s pretty easy to ignore that and move on. Thankfully, you can head back and redo the configuration.

iTunes 12.2.1 Fixes iTunes Match Bug

It wasn’t that long ago that Apple updated iTunes to take advantage of its new Apple Music service. The latest update fixes a bug with that exact service.

What The 'Likes' In Apple Music Actually Do

If you’ve used services like Pandora before, the “like” system (the hearts) in Apple Music are pretty confusing because they don’t actually influence playlists. Over on The Loop, they take a look at exactly what they do.

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