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Have iBooks Read To You Using Dictation

While it’s not exactly the most dramatic reading in the world, Kindle’s have long had a text-to-speech option for those looking to have their Kindle’s read to them. If you’re more of a fan of iBooks, Cult of Mac shows off how to make your Mac do the same thing in Mavericks.

Redsn0w Update Fixes iBooks Bug

iOS: (Jailbroken) If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you might have noticed that iBooks either crashes when you try to launch it or struggles to properly display books you purchased from Apple. A new version of the jailbreak tool Redsn0w solves the problem.

How To Design Your Own Book With iBooks Author

Apple announced its new education-focused apps last week and with a new version of iBooks it has also released a free tool for making ebooks, iBooks Author. Is this just a niche tool for creating textbooks or is there something useful you can do with it?

Apple Releases iBooks 2, iTunes U, iBooks Author

In an education-focused even in New York today, Apple showed of its new version of iBooks and its new creation tool, iBooks Author.

Apple iBook Update Adds New Themes And Fonts

iOS: Fans of Apple’s eBook and PDF reading app iBooks just received a new update bringing a handful of fonts and themes. Most notable is the new night theme, which basically provides a “night mode” for more comfortable reading in low light.

Add PDFs To Your iBooks Collection Using Dropbox

With the latest iTunes update, PDF files can be added to your iBooks reading collection through an iTunes sync. As the Simple Help blog points out, though, you can also just drop PDFs into your Dropbox space and add them from there.

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