Have iBooks Read To You Using Dictation

Have iBooks Read to You Using Dictation

While it's not exactly the most dramatic reading in the world, Kindle's have long had a text-to-speech option for those looking to have their Kindle's read to them. If you're more of a fan of iBooks, Cult of Mac shows off how to make your Mac do the same thing in Mavericks.

If you're on your iPhone or iPad, you can always turn on the VoiceOver setting (Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver) to have your phone read your books out loud, but that wasn't possible on the Mac. With Mavericks, all you need to do is open up iBooks, then hit Edit > Speech > Start Speaking. Your Mac will keep reading until your hit Edit > Speech > Stop Speaking. Having a robotic voice read a book to you isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of the feature on your Kindle, now it's possible on the Mac.

Have Your Mac Read a Book To You In Mavericks and iBooks [Cult of Mac]


    Just recently downloaded several books from Guetenbugh .. the Mac speech thing is great.. only thing is that I cant find a voice that is easy to listen to. I use Alex.
    Am I missing something on the Mac re the voice choices?
    I know there are several.
    Would like a voice like .. stephen fry or some well spoken sort !

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