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IoT Device Security Starts With The App

Just about anything can be an internet-of-things (IoT) device these days; even household appliances are able to connect to the internet. Vendors and their developers create mobile apps to communicate with and control IoT devices that interact with us on an intimate level. But often these apps provide the perfect gateway for attackers to intercept user data. We have some advice on how to create a secure IoT mobile app.

Facebook's Messenger Bots Will Change The Way Businesses Think About Customer Service

Facebook has enormous ambitions for its chat app, Messenger. So big, that it doesn’t even think of Messenger as an app. Facebook thinks of Messenger as a platform on which entire businesses will be built. Read on to find out why.

Cutting Through The Noise In An Overcrowded App Market

I recently popped into a store to quickly grab a lip balm. I walked to the right isle and was confronted by a wall of lip balms, each of them with colourful packaging that was begging for my attention. I was so overwhelmed I left without buying anything. That’s how I feel about app marketplaces. There is a plethora of apps out there and consumers are overwhelmed. As a developer, how do you get your app noticed in an over-saturated market? We have some advice.

Dissecting The Types Of Cloud Apps That Enterprises Use

Cloud-based apps are becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses. Identify management software vendor Okta recently took a closer look at the enterprise cloud apps landscape to find out just what types of apps businesses are deploying and how they are using them. Here are the results.

Ten Cool Applications For Virtual Reality That Aren't Just Games

When you mention virtual reality (VR), most people’s thoughts turn to video games. Indeed, Sony has just announced its new Playstation VR headset. But VR isn’t just about gaming. There are many other interesting and exciting uses for VR.

10 Enduring Myths About Artificial Intelligence, Debunked By Science

It was hailed as the most significant test of machine intelligence since Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in chess nearly 20 years ago. Google’s AlphaGo won its first three games against grandmaster Lee Sedol in a Go tournament, showing the dramatic extent to which AI has improved over the years. That fateful day when machines finally become smarter than humans has never appeared closer — yet we seem no closer in grasping the implications of this epochal event.

Australian Scientist Develops Record-Breaking Security Enhancing Quantum Computing Chip

An international team of scientists has set a new record for the complexity possible on a quantum computing chip, bringing us one step closer to the ultra-secure telecommunications of the future.

Robo Dad: 'I Built A Smartphone Bot To Spend Time With My Kids'

Being divorced and separated from your children can be tough — especially when you’ve moved overseas. This is the situation Australian robotics engineer Matt Walker found himself in. His solution was to build a telepresence robot to hang out with his kids from halfway across the globe.

Docker Container Mistakes To Avoid

In recent years, software containers that allow applications and processes to run in isolation have gained traction in the IT community. The open-source container platform Docker is the top player in this space and big IT vendors have been tripping over themselves to incorporate its software containerisation technology into their own offerings. Open source software provider Red Hat has been working with Docker since 2013 and has provided some key learnings on what not to do when using the container tool.

Survey: Enterprises Are Wasting Money On Underutilised Software Licences

Enterprises are throwing money down the drain with ineffective software asset management regimes, according to the 10th annual State of the Software Estate report by Flexera Software. Here are the details.

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