How ECC Memory Improves Workstation Reliability

For high-performance computing, error-correcting code (ECC) memory is an essential requirement. Here’s how it works and why it helps.

The Simple Solution To Big Data Challenges: Ask Your Customers Instead

We hear a lot about the challenges inherent with big data. If that seems like too hard a way to identify market opportunities, a simpler strategy might work: ask your customers what they want.

Consumerisation Hasn't Hit IT Contracts Yet

We hear endlessly about how consumerisation is impacting the way enterprise IT works. But there’s one area where that change hasn’t really taken effect: the length and necessity of contracts.

How Cisco Wants To Reimagine The Desktop PC

Cisco insists that its new DX80 and DX70 devices aren’t “computers” as such — they’re gadgets designed to make it easier to collaborate with others without wasting precious desktop real estate. Would an Android-powered 22-inch screen be more useful to you than a dumb monitor — and how much would you be willing to pay for one from Telstra?

Why The MDM War Is About Apps For Microsoft

In a corporate environment where bring your own device (BYOD) has become widely accepted, the competition for business IT dollars has increasingly switched to mobile device management (MDM). Microsoft’s play in this space relies on two non-mobile technologies where it dominates: Office and Active Directory.

Who Should Pay For New IT Projects?

Despite everyone proclaiming we live in the digital era, battles over who is going to pay for IT projects can seem never-ending. This chart offers some guidance on which departments should fund what sorts of projects — and which projects don’t deserve funding at all.

Key Trends Changing How We Use Servers In 2014

Virtualisation and widespread cloud adoption means that servers play a more crucial role in the enterprise than ever. Here are some key trends that will influence how you deploy servers in your business in 2014.

Would It Matter If Oracle Bought Everything?

If there’s one word you could easily use to describe Oracle, it would be acquisitive. Here’s a very partial list of its most notable tech acquisitions: Sun, Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft, BEA, RightNow, Hyperion, Eloqua. Is that ongoing pattern of buyouts a problem for customers of the acquired businesses?

How To Network-Enable A Bus

If you want to build a smart transport system, you need to ensure that every single vehicle in the fleet is permanently connected to the network. How do you do that when you’re dealing with a constantly moving, rattling bus?

Not Everything Has To Run Faster

Management invariably wants IT to be faster and cheaper and more reliable. Delivering that trifecta is almost impossible, but it’s worth bearing in mind that improving raw performance doesn’t always have to be the goal. You may need speed, but you probably don’t need speed everywhere.