Key Trends Changing How We Use Servers In 2014

Virtualisation and widespread cloud adoption means that servers play a more crucial role in the enterprise than ever. Here are some key trends that will influence how you deploy servers in your business in 2014.

Would It Matter If Oracle Bought Everything?

If there’s one word you could easily use to describe Oracle, it would be acquisitive. Here’s a very partial list of its most notable tech acquisitions: Sun, Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft, BEA, RightNow, Hyperion, Eloqua. Is that ongoing pattern of buyouts a problem for customers of the acquired businesses?

How To Network-Enable A Bus

If you want to build a smart transport system, you need to ensure that every single vehicle in the fleet is permanently connected to the network. How do you do that when you’re dealing with a constantly moving, rattling bus?

Not Everything Has To Run Faster

Management invariably wants IT to be faster and cheaper and more reliable. Delivering that trifecta is almost impossible, but it’s worth bearing in mind that improving raw performance doesn’t always have to be the goal. You may need speed, but you probably don’t need speed everywhere.

Why MDM Platforms Rarely Work Completely

Mobile device management (MDM) is an essential component of any sensible bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy. While having a degree of control over mobile devices used for work purposes is useful, it’s important to recognise the limitations of the approach. The biggest one? What you can control is limited and constantly changing.

How To Make Windows XP Migration Less Painful

If you’re still making your staff suffer by running Windows XP, the end is nigh: extended support for XP ends on 8 April, 2014. Whether you need to urgently migrate from XP or you’re contemplating a shift to a newer version of Windows, here are some key principles to keep in mind.

How To Migrate Key Business Apps Without Spending A Fortune

The NZ Transport Agency avoided a $70 million rebuild of its driver and vehicle registration system via a carefully-planned migration that moved ageing mainframe apps onto a modern Windows server environment. Its experience provides 10 useful lessons in how to manage large-scale app migrations while minimising risks and costs.

Can Single-Purpose Mobile Apps Replace Monolithic Desktop Software?

When your workplace shifts into a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, whether willingly or unwillingly, it quickly becomes apparent that full-blown office suites designed for keyboard and mouse access aren’t going to be as useful. One solution to that dilemma is to develop single-purpose apps for tablets and mobiles. But how quickly can they be deployed, and will businesses cough up the money needed to build them?

How To Justify Enterprise Social Networking

Most business IT projects require a return on investment (ROI) to get approved (security is sometimes an exception). How can you calculate that with a nebulous and rapidly growing area such as enterprise social networking tools? One key strategy: make sure the tool is replacing a specific and identified business process, not just being introduced in an experimental fashion.

Are Yearly Server Upgrades Realistic?

Forget leisurely three-year product cycles; the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 next month comes barely a year after the original version. Microsoft is heavily pushing the idea that all its products will be on much faster upgrade cycles, but how are IT pros supposed to manage that process?