Why Commodity Hardware Isn't Always The Right Choice

Most server rollouts are built on commodity hardware: using standard Intel-based systems running general-purpose stacks, which offer the promise of being able to easily switch between providers. That model isn’t disappearing, but in some contexts engineered systems — platforms which have a much tighter integration between hardware, server and application layers — can be more helpful.

What Do Claims About Data Centre Size Really Mean?

We know data centres are becoming more important, and we know that many of them are becoming bigger and more densely-populated as a result — but what do terms such as “large” and “high density” really mean? A new set of proposed standards might help answer the question. Are you large, massive or mega?

The Challenges In Getting Rid Of Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes was once a dominant platform for database-centred collaboration applications, but these days it feels outdated. Gartner has some useful suggestions on how to make the move if Notes is still in your working life.

Hardware Still Dominates In The 3D Animation World

In a world where cloud computing is increasingly important, software often takes centre stage. But when it comes to producing 3D animation, the big money is still in the hardware space.

Why Workstation Sales Might Be About To Pick Up

A decent workstation is an expensive piece of gear, so it’s not surprising that in times of economic austerity sales tend to drop off. However, it appears that trend may finally be at an end.

Can Workstations Work With Hot Desking?

In a hot desking environment, you grab the first available desk and either plug in your own laptop or log in on a standardised desktop. Can that approach be used if you need to use a more powerful workstation computer?

How ECC Memory Improves Workstation Reliability

For high-performance computing, error-correcting code (ECC) memory is an essential requirement. Here’s how it works and why it helps.

The Simple Solution To Big Data Challenges: Ask Your Customers Instead

We hear a lot about the challenges inherent with big data. If that seems like too hard a way to identify market opportunities, a simpler strategy might work: ask your customers what they want.

Consumerisation Hasn't Hit IT Contracts Yet

We hear endlessly about how consumerisation is impacting the way enterprise IT works. But there’s one area where that change hasn’t really taken effect: the length and necessity of contracts.

How Cisco Wants To Reimagine The Desktop PC

Cisco insists that its new DX80 and DX70 devices aren’t “computers” as such — they’re gadgets designed to make it easier to collaborate with others without wasting precious desktop real estate. Would an Android-powered 22-inch screen be more useful to you than a dumb monitor — and how much would you be willing to pay for one from Telstra?