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How To Disable Microsoft's 'Spying' Service On Windows 10

When Windows 10 was released, many people were up in arms over the operating system’s ability to constantly track how users were interacting with it and would send that information back to Microsoft. With the first major update for Windows 10 that came out earlier this month, Microsoft has seemingly removed Diagnostics Tracking Service, also known as DiagTrack, which was responsible for the tracking. But it turns out the company has just renamed the service.

Microsoft: You Can't Sacrifice The User Experience For Security

It’s the eternal struggle between workers and IT managers: employees want to have access to certain systems and applications that will make their jobs easier but IT managers, in a bid to protect their organisations from external security threats, will not allow it. While it is understandable that IT professionals want to lock down their environments as the threat landscape evolves, protecting the organisation shouldn’t make lives difficult for end-users, argues Microsoft.

Managing Mobile Data Collection: The New Challenges And Tips For Best Practice

Is your organisation aware of the challenges surrounding data collection and usage? With Gartner predicting that nearly all mobile apps will be collecting user data by 2015, now’s the time to start thinking about how you approach key information trust issues.

What You Really Need To Know About Working In Fintech

From the outside, the tech industry can look like a homogenous sector, populated either by entrepreneurial whiz kids or bearded computer ‘geeks’. However, as with most industries, once you get beneath the surface, it becomes clear that the people who inhabit the tech industry are a varied bunch, utilising different skill sets and working in sub-sectors that have little in common. One of these sub-sectors, financial technology (or fintech), is attracting a range of talent, particularly workers who, in the past, may have been attracted to investment funds, law firms, or accountancy practices.

Five Ways To Help Your Business Respond Faster To IT Failures

IT failures can be costly and being able to respond quickly is paramount to minimising the damage to your organisation’s productivity and profitability. Trouble is, while IT departments are responsible for addressing technology failures, finding the right person within the department to look at the issue as soon as possible is often the challenge. Many companies don’t have the right communication protocols in place. We look at five ways you can improve your company’s incident management process in the face of an IT meltdown.

Tips For Digitising Your Business For Improved Productivity

We’re constantly told we live in a digital universe, but many of our workplace processes are still dependent on paper and not designed for maximum efficiency. Follow these tips to take full advantage of digital technology.

How To Decide When To Upgrade Your Hardware

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is not a sensible policy when you’re dealing with crucial IT gear. Follow these basic guidelines to ensure you’re getting the maximum value from your equipment while minimising risk.

What Emergency Services Workers Can Teach Businesses About Collaboration

Emergency services workers are used to organising team communication and making rapid decisions. What lessons can they teach other businesses as we all struggle to get people to learn how to run a group video conferencing session effectively?

Five Simple Steps To Rein In Your Technology Costs

You can’t run an efficient business without technology, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend over the odds. Follow these five basic steps to make sure you’re not paying out more than you have to for your IT infrastructure.

When Westpac Met Video Conferencing: What Worked And What Didn't

Over the last year, Westpac has been trialling the use of video conferencing in its branches to connect customers to small business specialists. What lessons has it learned about when video conferencing can be helpful, and when it’s the wrong choice?

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