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How To Implement A Data Privacy Strategy Without The Pain

Data breaches are becoming common occurrences for organisations of all sizes. While the message on the importance of stepping up data security has been loud and clear, there are still plenty of companies out there that haven’t heeded the warnings or simply haven’t done enough to safeguard their sensitive digital information. Maybe it’s because data security has been filed into the “too hard” basket, but implementing a plan to protect your company’s data is not as difficult as you may think.

Three Enterprise App Distribution Models To Consider For Your Organisation

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Just because you’ve been using the same enterprise app distribution model for years doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your organisation. It’s still early in 2016 and its prime time to re-evaluate the way your company lets its employees access apps to help them with their work. Here are three enterprise app distribution models that you can consider switching to.

Are Businesses Ready To Let Go Of Internet Explorer?

Today marks the day when Microsoft finally ends support for older versions of its archaic web browser, Internet Explorer. But some businesses may not be ready to face this reality.

Best Practices For A Successful Enterprise App Program

Mobile applications management vendor Apperian sought to analyse the trends in the Enterprise applications space through a global study conducted at the end of last year. The company hosts nearly two million mobile app installations around the world and decided to examine those apps to distill what makes for a thriving enterprise app program within an organisation.

Don't Ignore The Small Bugs When You're Developing An App

When you’re working on an app, as an individual or in a team, it’s easy to let some of the smaller problems slide such as bugs that are not deemed to be high priority. But these small issues can pile up and before you know it they turn into a big problem that you can’t ignore. Here are four simple rules to fix this.

Four Tips On Developing And Deploying Enterprise Apps Faster

The demand for enterprise applications is on the rise as companies recognise the value of implementing apps in the workplace to improve the way their employees work. This has put a lot of pressure on IT departments to develop a wider variety of mobile apps over a short period of time. Analyst firm Gartner has a few pointers on how to speed up the creation and rollout of enterprise apps.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Speeds Up Windows 10 Upgrades For Businesses

Microsoft has released an update for System Center Configuration Manger and Endpoint Protection that boasts comprehensive support for Windows 10 management and deployment. The new update has a few standout features, one of which is the ability to speed up the upgrade time from older Windows operating systems to Windows 10.

Do Companies Still Care About Software Defined Networking?

Software defined networking (SDN) has been an IT industry buzzword for some time. While analyst firms like IDC see a bright future for this technology segment, others such as Gartner are less optimistic. Recently, server networking company Kemp Technologies released survey results that suggests enterprises in Australia are still keen on SDN.

How To Disable Microsoft's 'Spying' Service On Windows 10

When Windows 10 was released, many people were up in arms over the operating system’s ability to constantly track how users were interacting with it and would send that information back to Microsoft. With the first major update for Windows 10 that came out earlier this month, Microsoft has seemingly removed Diagnostics Tracking Service, also known as DiagTrack, which was responsible for the tracking. But it turns out the company has just renamed the service.

Microsoft: You Can't Sacrifice The User Experience For Security

It’s the eternal struggle between workers and IT managers: employees want to have access to certain systems and applications that will make their jobs easier but IT managers, in a bid to protect their organisations from external security threats, will not allow it. While it is understandable that IT professionals want to lock down their environments as the threat landscape evolves, protecting the organisation shouldn’t make lives difficult for end-users, argues Microsoft.

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