Machine Learning In Your Smartphone Is The Megatrend Of 2017

Machine learning in 2017 will elevate the smartphone to a virtual assistant which knows what you want before you do, according to forecasts by Deloitte.

The professional services group has released its 2017 Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) predictions, forecasting significant breakthroughs in machine learning.

Stuart Johnston, the leader of Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice, says 84% of Australians now own a super computer — their smartphone.

“Machine learning is the megatrend,” he says. “Its application and influence, particularly on our mobiles, will be improving all parts of our lives in 2017.”

Deloitte forecasts more than 300 million smartphones globally, or more than a fifth sold in 2017, will have a neural network capability to adapt services according to new data without being explicitly programmed.

“Machine learning is paving the way for a unique era in functionality, personalisation and connectivity with other devices through our smart phones,” Johnston says.

“Currently you can already use machine learning programs such as predictive text, suggesting the application you want next and enhancing biometrics (including voice and facial recognition).”

Technologies powered by machine learning that are likely in 2017 include programs that can determine user moods and emotions through pressure sensors, make health and life predictions using health data, plus image recognition and detection of nearby objects.

On-board machine learning also has the potential to protect devices from growing waves of cyberattacks.

Deloitte says machine learning models are designed to mimic aspects of the human brain’s structure and function, with elements representing neurons and their interconnections.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider Australia

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