Build A Wireless Home Security System With An Arduino

Making your own security system isn’t too hard. If you’d like one that is cheap and simple, Instructables user deba168 shows how to make a wireless motion detector with an Arduino.

How To Get Started On DIY Projects With LittleBits

If you’ve recently started making things with electronics, you know how steep the learning curve can be. Fortunately, littleBits are an easy way to start experimenting with all kinds of projects. You can connect real-world components to the cloud instantly, program If This Then That recipes, and even connect it all to an Arduino. Here’s how to get started.

Build Your Own 16-Button MIDI Controller With An Arduino

DIY musical instruments are a whole different ball game. If you’re looking for a place to start, Adafruit has a guide to building your own MIDI controller using an Arduino.

Build Your Own Fingerprint-Scanning Garage Door Opener

If you’re tired of forgetting your house keys or garage door opener, Instructables user nodcah shows you how you can make your finger the only thing you need to access your abode.

Share An Old iPod's Music Library Wirelessly Using An Arduino

If you have an old iPod collecting dust, DIY site Erroneous Data Projects shows off how to add Bluetooth to the iPod so you can share your music with an Android app.

Reduce Water Use With This DIY Water Flow Sensor

If you’re looking for ways to use less water, Instructables user tamberg developed a DIY water sensor that shows you when you’ve gone through a litre.

Build A Network Caller ID LED Screen

Caller ID works wonders when you’re trying to dodge telemarketers, but you need to have the phone nearby. B Tod Cox decided to solve that problem with an LED screen you can set up in any room of the house.

Build This GPS-Logging Harness And Track Your Pet's Movements

If you’ve ever wondered where your dog actually goes when you let him off his leash, or what your cat does while you sleep, this GPS-logging harness, packed with wearable electronics, can put it all on a map for you. Best of all, you could wear it yourself.

Unlock Your Computer With A Physical Key

We generally use passwords to lock people out of our computers. But Instructables user Thomas_Kirkup found a way to use an actual, physical key — like the one on your door — to lock and unlock your PC.

Build A Temperature, Humidity And Smoke Alarm System With An Arduino

Keeping track of the temperature, humidity and smoke level in your house is important. If you want to make your own system for doing so, Instructables user ICStation shows off how to use an Arduino to do it.