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Build A Little Desktop Widget That Displays Live Info From Various Sources

Sometimes you just want a simple way to glance at data when you’re away from your computer. Sure, you probably have your phone on you at all times, but where’s the fun in that? DIYer Stefan built a little desktop widget that will dish out all kinds of info.

Build An Arduino The Size Of A AA Battery

One of the great things about the Arduino is that it’s totally open source so you can make your own variations on it. Case in point, DIYer Johan Kanflo’s AAduino, which comes in at the size of a AA battery.

Track How Much Your Luggage Gets Tossed Around With A DIY Logging System

Video: Ever wonder how much your luggage gets tossed around? DIYer Ben Heck created a data logging device that tracks the movement of your luggage.

How To Build An Android App For Your Arduino Project

There are several great projects you can do with an Arduino, and if you’re just getting started, you can use other people’s code. However, as the video above shows, you can also create your own simple apps for your Arduino project using MIT App Inventor.

The Seven Electronics Board Features You Need To Know

There’s a big variety of different electronics boards on the market right now, but pretty much all of them have a similar set of base features. Makezine outlines seven of those features that pretty much any tinkerer should familiarise themselves with.

Build Your Own Arduino-Powered Virtual Reality Indoor Cycling System

Virtual reality promises all kinds of things, but one thing it can certainly do is make those boring indoor training rides on a bike a little more fun. DIYer Paul Yan shares his system.

Build Your Own Massive LED Video Screen Powered By Arduino

Sometimes, you just want to go big. Case in point, Make’s guide to make your gigantic, Jumbotron-esque LED video screen.

Make Your Own Blinking Super Mario-Inspired Tree Topper With An Arduino

Video: Looking for one last DIY project before the holidays? Adafruit has a guide for making your own 8-bit Super Mario tree topper using an Arduino, LEDs, and a few other tools.

Ben Heck Guides You Through Which Electronics Board Is Best For Your Project

We’ve talked before about choosing the right electronics board for your project, but venerable DIYer Ben Heck takes a deep crack at it as well, breaking down using a discreet logic, microcontroller, or a Raspberry Pi.

Pick Between A Raspberry Pi And An Arduino With This Rule Of Thumb

There are some cases where picking between the Raspberry Pi and an Arduino are easy (like when Linux is involved), but oftentimes it’s hard to make a choice between the two. Make came up with a simple question to help you decide.

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