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Make Your Own Blinking Super Mario-Inspired Tree Topper With An Arduino

Video: Looking for one last DIY project before the holidays? Adafruit has a guide for making your own 8-bit Super Mario tree topper using an Arduino, LEDs, and a few other tools.

Ben Heck Guides You Through Which Electronics Board Is Best For Your Project

We’ve talked before about choosing the right electronics board for your project, but venerable DIYer Ben Heck takes a deep crack at it as well, breaking down using a discreet logic, microcontroller, or a Raspberry Pi.

Pick Between A Raspberry Pi And An Arduino With This Rule Of Thumb

There are some cases where picking between the Raspberry Pi and an Arduino are easy (like when Linux is involved), but oftentimes it’s hard to make a choice between the two. Make came up with a simple question to help you decide.

Top 10 Kickass Arduino Projects

The Arduino is a cheap electronics board that allows you to make your own electronics without a ton of coding experience. We love the Arduino, but like any electronics project, coming up with ideas for what to build is tough. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration or just need a place to start, let’s take a look at ten of the coolest Arduino projects.

Build A Simple, Photo Snapping Alarm System With An Arduino

Video: Alarm systems are complicated affairs. However, if you’re just looking to catch a sandwich thief at work or a cat spilling over all you water bottles, then Make shows you how to build an alarm system with an Arduino and a USB camera.

Add HUD-Like Display Gauges To Action Camera Videos With The 'Blackbox'

If you enjoy filming your adrenaline-infused adventures with an action camera, this data logging “blackbox”can record real-time data and then display it on your videos in post-production editing.

Arduino IDE Now Supports Building Software In The Command Line

For all its geeky attributes, the Arduino development software, known as Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) has never had a tool for compiling code in the command line. Now, with the release of Arduino IDE 1.6.6, it does.

Build An Genuino-Powered Music Visualizer

If you long for the days of pixely music visualizers, then look no further than this guide from Adafruit to make your own tiny little spectrum visualizer using a Genuino.

Prop Up A Dev Board With Rubber Feet To Cut Down On Erratic Behaviour

Working with a dev board, whether it’s a Genuino, Raspberry Pi, or whatever else, is all kinds of fun, but one problem is you’re usually working with the board just sitting on a table. Make shows off a simple way to add rubber feet to improve that experience.

Add Voice Control To Electronics With A Raspberry Pi And Arduino

Ever wanted the ability to yell at your electronics? Over on Make, they show you how to add commands to electronics, including a Roomba, Philips Hue, and a few other things.

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