Convert Any USB Keyboard To Bluetooth With A DIY Adaptor

Video: Have an old USB keyboard you love, but wish was wireless? DIYer DastardlyLabs shows off how to make your own little adaptor that will convert just about any old USB keyboard to Bluetooth. DastardlyLabs uses a USB host shield, a Bluetooth module, an Arduino Pro Mini and a bunch of other random parts to create this little device. You'll need to solder together a handful of parts to create a small USB plug that includes a Bluetooth antenna. From there, you just need to connect that keyboard to your little device and it's all set to broadcast. It's a pretty tough little project, but DastardlyLabs has a full two-part guide up on YouTube. Watch it below.

HID Relay - Upgrade your USB Keyboard to Bluetooth [YouTube]


    This + Makey makey ( could mean some awesome custom gaming controllers!

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