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Turn Orange Peels Into Cheap, Disposable Bird Feeders

Building a bird feeder is a great all-ages project, and turns your yard into a visually stunning and environmentally friendly refuge. It’s easy too: all you need is an orange, some yarn or twine, and some birdseed.

Ask LH: What's A Good $10 Secret Santa Gift Idea?

Dear Lifehacker, With the silly season round the bend, many workplaces are doing Secret Santa. Can you suggest a handful of $10 presents that would be good for gifting co-workers? The geekier, the better.

'Cycle' Your Caffeine Intake To Reduce Your Tolerance

I love my coffee, but tolerance to its effects can be a real bummer. If you want to feel like you can outrun a cheetah again, try a brief period of no caffeine to reset the body’s sensitivity to the stuff.

Google's TensorFlow Could Be A Game-Changer In The Future Of AI

The development of smarter and more pervasive artificial intelligence (AI) is about to shift into overdrive with the announcement by Google that TensorFlow, its second-generation machine-learning system, will be made available free to anyone who wants to use it. This has the potential to shape the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Chemistry Behind Making The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Video: A great grilled cheese sandwich is all about picking the best cheese for melting. With a little chemistry know-how, you can make sure your sandwich is a gooey, flavourful masterpiece.

Black Friday Shopping Tips For Australians

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days on the US calendar, with retailers offering discounts of up to 80 percent on big ticket items. If you’re stuck here in Australia, there’s no reason why you need to miss out on the action. Here are seven online shopping tips for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) bargain hunters.

Reminder: Re-Scan Your TV Channels Now To Get 9HD

Today is the day that Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin will get a few new free-to-air digital TV channels. Just like in 2009, Channel 9 is again simulcasting its main TV channel in Full HD 1080i as 9HD, but it’s using new technology to do alongside its existing 9, GO and GEM broadcasts, as well as introducing a new channel called 9Life — all using nifty MPEG-4 compression.

The Easiest Way To Buy From The US

The biggest sales days of the year in the US are just around the corner — Black Friday is this week (November 26), and next Monday is Cyber Monday — with many retailers offering discounts of up to 80 percent off of retail prices. If you want to take advantage of this from right here, even with retailers that don’t ship to Australia, Shipito is the answer you’ve been looking for.

App Deals: Take Notes On Your Phone During A Call

Today’s best deals include Call Notes Pro on Android, CP 1919 on iOS and 4-in-1 Fitness on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Texting While Driving Will Cost You Six Demerit Points In NSW This Christmas

To paraphrase those old road safety ads, if you text and drive, you’re a bloody idiot. Thankfully, the punishment for this crime is about to be doubled in NSW. During this year’s holiday period, anyone caught using their phone behind the wheel in NSW will receive six demerit points on their licence — up from the current penalty of three points. This means you will effectively lose half your full licence in one fell swoop. Hope that Facebook status update was worth it.

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