Eliminate Just One Luxury To Immediately Improve Your Budget

Everyone could use a few extra bucks every month. While you can make room in the budget by hunting down specials, one of the fastest ways to improve your budget is to remove a single luxury.

How To Get A Refund For Faulty Origin Games In Australia

Bought a game from EA’s Origin store in the past two years and had issues with it being faulty? It should be a lot easier to get a refund following an intervention by consumer regulator the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Here’s what you need to do.

Ask LH: How Long Will My Hard Drives Really Last?

Dear Lifehacker, I know hard drives can fail, but how long do they really last? Will they last longer if I don’t use them as often?

Never Stop Dating Your Significant Other With The 2-2-2 Rule

It’s easy to become complacent in a long-term relationship. If you need a little help keeping the romance alive, follow this rule to keep regular dates.

The Red Flags You Should Look Out For During Your Job Search

Just as companies have to weed out the good candidates from the bad, you need to be able to tell the good companies and positions from the ones that will just waste your time. Here are some red flags in job descriptions and interviews that can warn you about a potentially terrible job.

Test Your Cabbage Head's Doneness With A Cake Tester

You can use cabbage for more than just coleslaw — like cooking half a head in a pan for a crispy, hearty side dish. You can actually test cabbage’s “doneness” with a cake tester.

10 Cool Gadgets To Supercharge Breakfast In Bed On Mother's Day

Mums deserve breakfast in bed every day, if we’re honest. Why not make this Mother’s Day extra special with these nifty kitchen gadgets?

This Video Shows Off The Three Best Ways To Roll Up Your Sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves of a collared shirt isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are a few different methods for doing so. The Art of Manliness Shows off three methods that work best in different situations.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Arena on Windows Phone, Swap Heroes on iOS and Leo’s Fortune on Android. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered GoPro Style Action Camera

Action cameras are usually not that open to tinkering. If you’d like to build and mess around with your own, DIY enthusiast Connor Yamada shows you how to build an action camera with a Raspberry Pi.