XBMC Renames And Rebrands To Kodi Entertainment Center

Starting with version 14, the product we all know and love as “XBMC” will become “Kodi”. The developers say the new branding more appropriately fits the media centre’s promise as opposed to its long-established roots.

Desktop In-Trays Keep Your Under-Sink Recycling Organised

If your place is tight on space, it can be difficult find somewhere to keep your recyclables. This clever method uses desktop in-trays under your kitchen sink to keep your plastic and paper organised.

10 Malware Removal Apps Tested, Malwarebytes Comes Out On Top

A recent test done by the independent antivirus research group AV-TEST — whose tests we’ve mentioned in the past — took a look at the performance of today’s most popular malware-removal applications. Most of the applications performed well, but only Malwarebytes — a free download — managed a perfect score.

What To Do When You Feel Too Embarrassed To Exercise

Walking into a gym for the first time can be an embarrassing experience. You might be self-conscious that you’re too out of shape while everyone else seems fit, or that you’re wearing the wrong clothes, or you might simply feel out of place. But it’s important to get through the paranoia and start exercising.

Create A Refill Station To Keep Party Guests Out Of The House

When you have people over for a backyard party, the last thing you want your guests to do is run inside every time they need cutlery, drinks or napkins. Create a refill station and you can eliminate that hassle.

Use An Oral Syringe For Intricate Dessert Decorating

Whether you’re’ baking biscuits or a cake, adding flair with icing is tough without certain tools. If you need help enhancing your food creation, a plastic oral syringe will do the trick.

Pick The Second Cheapest Wine At A Restaurant For The Best Value

Wine has so many varieties and varying degrees of value that it can be intimidating to order when you’re out to dinner. Gerald Morgan Jr, Sommelier at Simplified Wine, has some tips on choosing and ordering wine that can help alleviate the confusion and intimidation.

Do A Daily Debrief Of Your Schedule To Identify Lulls In Your Focus

Budgeting your time is a helpful way to keep a distracted mind under control. If you’re trying to keep a schedule, perform a daily debrief to identify when you’re at your best or your worst.

Video Briefly: Anti Piracy Push, Comic-Con 2014 Highlights, Mad Max Trailer

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Everything you need to know about the Government’s piracy plan, Comic-Con 2014 cosplay highlights, vintage cybersex from 1997.

Freebie Friday! 100% Free Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Turret Commander on Windows Phone, World Warships Combat on Android and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run on iOS. Download them all without spending a cent!