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Microsoft Office 365 Is Getting Smarter

This week at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, I was fortunate to see an up close preview demonstration of the new Office 365 cloud-powered intelligent capabilities first hand. This followed on from a panel discussion press Q&A with Microsoft’s team who gave an insight into this and other keynote announcements. Here’s what you need to know.

How Do You Beat Jet Lag?

Jet lag can suck some of the fun out of travelling, as your body takes a day or two to adjust to a new time zone. How do you fight jet lag when you travel?

Nine Habits Of Fit People That Are Easy To Adopt [Infographic]

Exercise and eating healthy are key to a healthier, fitter lifestyle, but there’s something to be said for small changes as well — ones that can make a big difference if you make them into regular habits. This graphic is packed with them, starting from when you wake up in the morning to how you wind down for bed at night.

Where To Sit On An Aeroplane For A Smoother Ride

Not only is turbulence annoying on a flight, it can be scary too. If you’re prone to motion sickness, or just want to avoid spilling coffee in your lap, here’s where you should try to sit.

Ask Lifehacker: Should I Buy A New Or Used Car?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve been saving up to buy my first car for a while and I’ve just hit $10K, which is more than enough to buy something second-hand. However, I’m not sure if I should keep saving to buy a new car instead. I need something new enough to be able to connect to my phone, and something which won’t cost too much in repairs in the next few years — so is it worthwhile to keep saving to buy new instead of second-hand?

Thanks, Jessica Meadows

This Calculator Shows How Much Money You'll Save When You Quit Smoking

You already know all of the health risks of smoking. Friends and loved ones have nagged you to quit. But you haven’t been able to kick the habit. Perhaps this context will help renew your efforts: See the huge chunk of money you’ll save when you finally quit.

The More Work-Life Balance We Have, The More We Want

Workers in countries where shorter working hours are the norm are more likely to complain of poor work-life balance, according to a research recently published in the journal Social Forces.

Avocado Is The Perfect Ingredient For Silky, Creamy Soup

Not everyone is a fan of cold soup, but if you are, you probably appreciate the rich, creamy texture of most chilled summer soups. Next time you whip up a batch, try avocado.

Deals: Protect Your Phone On Public Wifi With This VPN

VPNs are pretty common these days, but most just mask your browsing and stop there. SaferVPN is blazing a new trail in the market with the world’s first automatic Wi-Fi security feature, giving you instant security on public networks.

Five Iconic Aussie Snacks That Have Been Made Extinct

These past few years have not been kind to Australian snack lovers. Childhood favourites have been culled and the nation grieved for the loss of a number of iconic local treats. We look back at five local favourites that are gone forever.

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