Encryption Today: How Safe Is It Really?

When checking your email over a secure connection, or making a purchase from an online retailer, have you ever wondered how your private information or credit card data is kept secure?

Turn A Box With Hand Holes Into A Charging Station

There are plenty of creative ways to hide chargers and cords. One simple solution that doesn’t require much effort? Use a storage box with hand holes.

Quit Worrying Everything Is Going To Kill You FFS

It seems like every week, there’s a new article praising the life-extending benefits of red wine, warning against the dangers fried eggs, or touting the magical superfood nature of Tibetan field mushrooms (or something). But here’s why revolving your life around these studies is a fool’s errand.

Remove Old Device Entries In The Windows Registry With This Cleanup Tool

When you disconnect a device from your Windows PC, it’ll magically vanish from Device Manager — out of sight, out of mind as it were. However, in the Registry, the entry for that gadget remains, in case you decide to attach it again. While leaving these entires isn’t harmful, if you’re a stickler for keeping your system as fresh as possible, you can use Device Cleanup Tool to get rid of redundant ones.

Thread Needles Faster By Spraying Them With Hairspray

Threading a needle is a simple enough task, but it can be frustrating when the thread bends and frays. Next time this happens to you, try spraying it with hairspray.

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Partnership with Epic, Unity and Cocos2d

Microsoft may have long-retired XNA, its .NET-based game development framework, but it’s still very much supporting games developers. Last year it released the Community Edition of Visual Studio, essentially a “full version” of its programming IDE for hobbyist and professionals alike, as well as Unity Tools for Visual Studio. Now it’s partnered with Epic, Unity and Chukong Technologies (Cocos2d) to more deeply integrate these technologies into Visual Studio.

An Everyday Pasta Sauce, Hold The Tomatoes

For those of you who are allergic to tomatoes, don’t care for marinara, or are simply looking for an alternative to ubiquitous red sauce, here’s an idea: braised onion pasta sauce.

Maintain Your Kerb Appeal With These Yard Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained yard can boost your property value, put you in the good graces of your neighbours, and even prevent a break-in. Here’s a breakdown of the basic outdoor equipment and skills needed to keep your yard looking sharp.

Build A Simple, Five-Part, Portable Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen some cool portable Raspberry Pi projects, but they’re all pretty complex. Instructables user PiJuice takes a much simpler approach, using just five standard parts to take the Pi on the go.

Tech Deals: Apple MacBook Pro And MacBook Air

When you’re in the market for a laptop that is portable, powerful and user friendly — it’s difficult to go past the convenience of an Apple MacBook. Be it the portable Air or the powerful Pro, you’re sure the find the right match for you. And did we mention the’re on sale right now? Yep, read on to catch some great savings.