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Woolworths Is Planning A New Mobile Service, This Time With Telstra

Woolworths’ initial attempts at selling its own branded mobile plans using the Optus network ended with a quiet withdrawal from the market back in September 2013. Now it’s planning to try again — this time with Telstra.

Australian Juice Company Busted For Fake 'Australian Made' Claims

Few things rile the Aussie consumer regulator as much as unsubstantiated claims that a product is “Australian made” when it isn’t. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just fined a manufacturer $20,400 for making fake origin and nutrition claims about a house brand juice it produced for a supermarket chain.

Why You Shouldn't Try To Humblebrag In A Job Interview

Humblebragging is notoriously obnoxious, but it feels necessary sometimes. For example, in a job interview, we’re often told to answer the dreaded “what’s your biggest weakness” question with something sly, such as “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” People see through this. It’s better to either be honest about your bragging or be open about your weaknesses.

Touchscreen Laptops Are A Battery Drain, Even With Touch Disabled

You probably already know that a touchscreen laptop is more expensive than the non-touch version. But there are other, non-monetary premiums you have to pay for the touch capability, including a bigger drain on your battery.

Microsoft Is Cracking Down On All Those Crappy Windows Store Apps

Microsoft ranks a distant third in smartphone market share, so it needs to do everything it can to encourage developers to build for Windows Phone. However, it also needs to ensure that its app selection isn’t filled with low-value crud — and starting from today, it’s apparently going to be a lot pickier about which apps are allowed in the Windows Store.

Walking Or Biking To Work May Make You Happier With Your Commute

Walking or riding a bike to work is often seen as a way to save money or get some exercise. However, it may also have another benefit: it could make you happier with your commute.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Thinks Teaching Coding To Kids Means Sending Them To Work At Age 11

There’s a shortage of skilled developers in Australia. But when Prime Minister Tony Abbott was asked in Parliament yesterday if the government would commit to teaching coding at primary level, his response was nonsensical and unhelpful.

How To Build An Emergency Budget (And Why You Need One)

You’ve probably heard of an emergency fund. It’s a small cushion of savings to help you stay afloat in case of a financial crisis. For some emergencies, it also helps to use an emergency budget — a deflated spending plan to make sure the money in your fund lasts as long as possible.

Reminder: Facebook Messenger Shares Your Location With Every Message

You’re probably aware that Facebook collects a lot of information about you, and if you’re using the mobile Messenger app, that includes your location data as well. A new Chrome extension called Marauders Map lets anyone you’ve sent a message see that location information all at once.