Free Apps Friday: BabyBump Pregnancy Pro, Gardener Pro, Sydney Travel Guide

Are you looking to make your smartphone more useful? Each week, we collect the latest productivity apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; all of which are 100 per cent free! Here are this week’s highlights.

Lessons In Management From Qantas And Myer

In this reporting season it would be hard to find two companies more different than well-known Australian airline Qantas and retailing giant Myer.

Ask LH: Can I Negotiate Salary When Applying For A Government Job?

Hey LH, I’m applying for a government job in South Australia and was wondering about contract negotiations. I’m well aware that they have a pay grade system and pay levels outlined, however, I don’t know if these are open to negotiations or any kind of haggling. Can you haggle a better pay rate for a government job?

Google Adds Cocktail Recipes To Knowledge Graph Search Results

Today, Google announced that it will be adding mixed drink recipes to search results. You can ask Google how to make a number of mixed drinks and Google will give you a list of ingredients and preparation instructions.

Tech Deals: Dick Smith HD TV, Beats By Dr Dre, 15% Off Selected Laptops

The weekend is looking bright with these awesome tech bargains — get 15% off a range of Toshiba, Asus and Acer laptops over $500, grab a 54.5-inch full HD TV for only $599 and save a cool $100 on the Beats by Dr Dre New Studio 2 Headphones. Scroll down to find out more!

How To Feel More Connected When Your Whole Team Works Remotely

If you work in a remote team, one of the aspects you quickly notice is the importance of communication. Finding the best ways to communicate with your team is imperative when you’re not working face-to-face, because you’re missing most — if not all — of the context of each person’s situation.

Cook Chicken Breasts Faster Than Ever With Three Simple Adaptations

Since chicken breasts are the top-selling cut at the supermarket, you’d think they’re easy to make, but the truth is that cooking them can be surprisingly challenging. Here are a few tricks to cook them faster and more evenly.

Ratehacker: March's Best Credit Card, Bank And Home Loan Deals

In our monthly Ratehacker round-up, Jeremy Cabral from finance comparison site highlights recent credit card offer changes, plus the best savings accounts and home loans.

Comb Through Invites On Facebook For A Refresher On People's Names

It’s always a little embarrassing when you show up to a friend’s party or event and can’t remember someone’s name. Former Lifehacker writer Adam Dachis suggests digging through those party invites a little more thoroughly to remind yourself of people’s names and faces.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include BabyBump Pregnancy Pro on Android, Whistler on iOS and Gardener Pro on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!