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Fold Socks Instead Of Rolling Them For Better Organisation

Video: How do you put away your socks? You probably roll them, right? Perhaps with the Army Ranger roll? Folding your socks into origami-like squares might be more space-efficient.

Ask LH: How Can I Claim An Inactive Domain Name If The Owner Won't Sell?

Dear Lifehaker, In light of the new budget incentives for innovative startups, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start up my own online business. Unfortunately, the website domain name I want is already taken by a US blogger. The site appears to be dormant with no updates since early 2013. I’ve tried contacting the owner, even offering to purchase, but he won’t respond. What can I do?

There's No Such Thing As 'Negative Kilojoule Foods'

You’ve probably been told at some point that eating celery actually burns more kilojoules than it contains. While celery is low in kilojoules and makes for a refreshing snack, there are no foods out there that count as negative kilojoules.

Decide How Much Money Your Work-Life Balance Is Worth

Everyone has a different way they defend their balance between work and life. If you’ve never tried to attach a dollar figure to how important that balance is to you, you might want to try.

Keep Mushrooms Fresh Longer By Storing Them In An Open Paper Bag

For most of us, the process of keeping food fresh in the fridge usually involves plastic bags, plastic wrap and/or a sealable plastic container. That’s actually a bad idea when it comes to mushrooms.

Deals: Save 27% On The Keysmart Key Organizer

Get rid of your bulky key chain and replace it with the KeySmart Key Organizer. It’s great for keeping your keys neatly in place, and it eliminates that embarrassing jingle jangle when you walk. Lifehacker Australia readers can pick up the Keysmart for only $21 AUD [$15.99 USD], a savings of 27% off the RRP.

11 Ways The 2016 Budget Could Affect Your Wallet

The 2016 Federal Budget is a mammoth and complex tome that covers all areas of government spending. For the vast majority of Aussies, the most pressing question is how this affects the money they need to pay through taxes and essential services. As always, there’s good news and bad news — with the ratio determined by how much you earn. Here are 11 important changes you need to know about.

Strengthen Your Resume By Keeping The Focus On Results

It’s fine to describe the responsibilities you had at previous jobs on your resume, but talking about your duties is not nearly as powerful as talking about the specifics of what you actually accomplished in those roles. Doing that can give your resume a serious boost.

Dick Smith's Online Store Relaunches Today: How Are The Deals?

Today, Dick Smith opened the digital doors to its online store, following the closure of all brick-and-mortar outlets in New Zealand and Australia. So what are the deals like? Are there any bargains to be had, or is it the same overpriced rubbish that killed off the brand in the first place? We investigate.

App Deals: Try Running For Weight Loss With The Help Of Your iPhone

Today’s best deals include BlueMarble for Android, Running For Weight Loss for iOS and Lamphead for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

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