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PennyCat Is A Chat Bot That Delivers Discounts To Any Store, When You Need Them

PennyCat delivers coupon codes and discounts to you for various online stores before you check out. Fire up Facebook Messenger (or send it a message on Facebook directly), tell it the store you need a code for and the bot will search for you and spit out a code to try.

How Index Funds Make Investing Easier And Less Scary

Once I finally paid off my debt and generally got my financial life in order, I was ready to start investing. Everything I read told me to check out index funds, so I did. Sure enough, they’re pretty awesome tool with a handful of advantages for new and seasoned investors.

Use The One Per Cent Rule To Determine How Much To Charge When Renting Your Property

Owning rental property is a great way to generate passive income. If you’re not sure how to pick a property or determine what rent should be, use the one per cent rule as a guide.

The Masters 'Fire Sale' Is A Bit Of A Bust

So here’s an anecdotal experience that probably in no way reflects the larger picture. It’s about Masters. It’s about the Masters’ ‘fire sale’ to be precise. In short, I was very disappointed by the Masters fire sale.

Ten Useful Strategies For Learning Financial Self-Control

If you’re anything like me, you’re incredibly tempted several times a day to spend money on something that you don’t really need.

Your Credit Score Doesn't Matter Unless It's Bad

I have pretty good credit — right now my score is close to 800. Awesome, right? Sure, except that awesome credit has actually been pretty useless, even when I recently bought a home. Don’t get me wrong, bad credit has a big impact on your finances. It’s strange, then, that excellent credit doesn’t really matter.

Dealhacker: The Masters Fire Sale Starts Today

Last week, Woolworths sold off its Masters home improvement division which had been losing about $200 million a year. All Masters stores will be closed down by December 11 — but first, it needs to get rid of up to $700 million worth of existing stock. If you’re looking to score some cheap paints, white goods, BBQs, electronic appliances or DIY supplies, the sale starts today.

Help Your University-Age Child Build Credit With A Low-Limit Card

It’s important to build solid credit because your life can be difficult without it. To help your adult child establish credit, have them sign up for a low-limit credit card.

Make Group Gifting Easy With Group Together

Here’s a nifty app that aims to take the pain out of grouping a bunch of people together to do something special for someone. Whether it’s a party or a gift, you can direct people to the Group Together app and it’ll handle all the boring stuff.

Calculate A Monthly Car Cost When Buying Outright To Better Weigh Your Options

The best part of paying cash for a used car is that you don’t have a monthly car payment. However, you may still want to calculate how much it costs when spread out over the time you own the car to know what your best options are next time.

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