Don't Let Yourself Overthink Small Money Decisions

It’s important to make conscious money decisions — but there’s a difference between being mindful and being indecisive. As Carl Richards of the Behaviour Gap explains, we often overthink otherwise simple money decisions, and this can be wasteful.

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ACMA Tackles iiNet And Dodo For Direct Debit Violations

Internet service providers iiNet and Dodo have both come under fire from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for consumer protection law breaches relating to direct debits. The companies were warned for not complying with customers’ authorisation for direct debit payments and failing to cancel a direct debit authorisation within three working days upon request. Read on for the full list of charges.

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Premium Computer Fans Tested: Do They Keep Your Computer Cooler?

The fans that come with your computer are probably bland and cheap, so you may be tempted to buy something a little nicer. LinusTechTips tested premium Noctua fans to find out if they actually kept their computer cooler or quieter.

Don't Rely On A 'Perfect Future Self' To Make Your Money Decisions

“Buy now, pay later” is not new advice. Many people follow this habit, the justification being that they will earn more money in the future and make up for their overspending then. The Simple Dollar’s Trent Hamm argues against this concept, saying it’s based on a false concept of a “perfect future self”.

'No Tip Will Save As Much Money As Simply Not Buying Anything'

When it comes to personal finance, there’s no end to the advice you can get to save money and be more frugal. However, there’s one tip that rules over all of them: Don’t buy stuff.

Focus On Opportunity, Not Excuses, When Reaching Financial Goals

Ever read a success story or a bit of financial advice and said: “that’s great, but it won’t work for me”? Focusing on what doesn’t work for you won’t get you very far. To better reach your financial goals, focus less on those excuses and more on making opportunities.

How To Overcome The Guilt Of Financial Mistakes

We’ve all made financial mistakes — just bouncing a cheque or payment can make you feel incredibly guilty and embarrassed. But as long as you’re honest and forthcoming, you can overcome mistakes and figure out how to move forward.

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