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Discuss These Financial Topics With A Spouse To Prepare For the Worst

It’s no fun thinking about what happens when you die. It’s a pretty big downer, but it’s important to discuss this matter with your spouse. In case of the worst, you want everything to be in order. Being prepared can alleviate some stress during a terrible situation.

The Psychological Impulses That Make You Want To Spend Money

It’s always interesting to learn how our shopping behaviours are influenced. Sure, advertisers manipulate our habits, but our brains go with it because deep down, we have a desire to consume. There are a few natural impulses that make us want to spend more.

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Shop More Frequently, Rather Than Buying Perishables In Bulk, To Save

When it comes to saving money at the grocery store, “buy in bulk” is common sense. However, this can backfire if you’re buying perishables. Many frugal shoppers don’t realise just how much food they end up throwing away.

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Get A Deal On This Glenlivet 12, 15 And 18 Year Old Whiskey Gift Pack

Father’s Day is still a few months away, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up a gift now, especially if it’s perfect… and a good deal. Aldi is currently selling Glenlivet whiskey gift packs for $49.99 and includes not one, but three bottles of the Speyside distillery’s spirits.

Taking Care Of Your Finances Doesn't Have To Take Over Your Life

Managing your finances can be a chore. However, if you do it right, you shouldn’t need to spend all your time on it. In fact, once you’ve figured out your budget and systems, you could even set your finances on autopilot.

Free Apps Friday: MS Word, Star Walk 2, Troller Pro

Are you looking to make your smartphone or tablet more useful? Each week, we collect the latest productivity apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; all of which are 100 per cent free! Here are this week’s highlights.

Ask Lifehacker: Do I Have To Report Income On My App Sales?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m developing a paid app to be published on Google Play (my first paid app). I am wondering what do I have to know about? For example, tax and the likes, I cannot seem to find a lot of guidance on this aspects online, would you be able to help me? (And yes, I am in Australia.)

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