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'Keeping Up With The Joneses' Isn't Just About Stuff, It's About Habits

Your neighbour gets a fancy new car and now you want one, too: most of us are familiar with the concept of “keeping up with the Joneses.” But it’s not just about comparing materialism. We often compare our savings habits with other people’s, too, and that doesn’t make much sense.

Ask LH: Can My Boss Enforce A Minimum Resignation Notice Of 8 Weeks?

Hello, I’m currently employed as casual with no fixed work hours (generally 33-37 hours per week.) In the contract I signed when commencing employment, it states that I need to give eight weeks notice if I want to leave, but they can terminate me with one hour notice. Can they enforce this eight-week rule? That length of notice time makes it almost impossible to get another job!

All The Ways Being Single Saves You Money

A reader recently asked me what sort of life strategies are useful for a single person who is already on the road to financial independence. I’m lucky to be married with a family, but it got me thinking: If I were suddenly single again with no wife or children and had my current financial state, what would I do?

App Deals: The Perfect Keyboard For Your iPhone Is Now Free

Today’s best deals include ProShot on Android, Next Keyboard on iOS and Amazing Weather HD on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Why I Don't Recommend Buying Sex Toys On Amazon

If you’ve ever been in the market for a sex toy, you may have looked into buying it through Amazon. Amazon tends to have good prices on gadgets, even when you factor in shipping costs to Australia. Sex toys are a different story, though: in fact, most of the time, it’s best to avoid Amazon altogether. Here’s why.

Is It Legal For Businesses To Enforce Non-Refundable Deposits?

Be it an impulse decision or the result of a pushy salesperson, we’ve all put an initial deposit on an item and then changed our minds about it. Some shops will refund the money back to you without any hassle. But there are others that have non-refundable deposit policies. Is it actually legal for them to keep your money even though you don’t want their goods any more?

Ask LH: Should I Contribute To Crowdfunding Campaigns (Like Kickstarter?)

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve seen a lot of Kickstarter campaigns lately that promise great rewards and have awesome ideas. Some of them are already fully funded, others need a little help. Is it safe to give them my money if they’re already funded? How can I tell if the end result is going to be as awesome as they promised?

Use A Spending Plan Instead Of A Budget To Give Yourself More Flexibility

Having a carefully categorized budget is great if you know exactly what you want to spend money on each month. If you need a bit more flexibility, however, try a spending plan instead.

Take A 'Nothing New' Challenge To Save Money, Appreciate What You Have

Buying used stuff is a great way to save money. You might not realise all the ways that you can live off of hand-me-downs. If you want to learn, take a “Nothing New” challenge. As personal finance blog Green High Five explains, a “Nothing New” challenge consists of buying, well, nothing new. No new clothes, new gadgets, new anything (except food or perishable goods, obviously). The goal is to save money, or just live with what you have already. New is nice, but you don’t always need it.

Free Games Friday: Shooty Skies, DragonSoul, FIFA 16

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

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