Killer Interview Question: Tell Me About Your Background

This week’s KIQ is one that isn’t unusual at all. In fact, you may have been asked this in your last interview. But why do employers ask this question? One CEO provides her explanation.

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SoulCycle is a New York-based fitness company and Melanie Whelan is the CEO. Speaking with the New York Times, she revealed the questions she likes to ask prospective employees during the interview process. The first thing she asks is “What’s your background?”.

Whelan explains why:
“It’s a great way to warm up any conversation, and it really helps me understand how you communicate. Are you linear, concise, and direct? Or are you a storyteller? Are you entertaining? Do you go off on tangents.”

She then follows up with questions about what projects the person has been involved with.

“I listen for ‘we’ versus ‘I,’ and I want to know what you specifically did to impact the outcome,” Whelan said.

How would you handle her questions? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Business Insider Australia]

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