Killer Interview Question: What’s Your Favourite Business?

Killer Interview Question: What’s Your Favourite Business?

Your favourite kind of business might be online stores. Or maybe it’s pop-up retail stands. This week’s KIQ wants to find out.

Cindy Whitehead is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of The Pink Ceiling, her latest venture. Speaking with The New York Times, she talked about some of the questions she likes to ask when she interviews potential job candidates.

One of Whitehead’s favourite question is: “What’s your favourite business?”

She explains that she uses this question to determine whether an applicant is a good cultural fit for her business:

“It’s probably not a question they’re commonly asked, but those who will fit in with our culture will find it pretty quickly. And it will probably not be a formulaic answer. It will probably be about some mum-and-pop store that they grew up going to and why it was great.”

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[Via Business Insider Australia]